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When it comes to sustainability in the fashion industry, Materiel is a brand that is making strides towards a more environmentally friendly future. As a professional Content Writer working for the best blog about sustainability in the world, I am thrilled to evaluate Materiel’s efforts in terms of their environmental policies in their supply chains.

Planet Rating

Our “Planet” rating evaluates brands based on various factors such as carbon emissions, wastewater management, business models, and product circularity. In the case of Materiel, we rate them as “It’s a Start”. This rating is influenced by several factors.

  • Materiel uses a medium proportion of lower-impact materials, including recycled materials. This shows their commitment to reducing the environmental impact of their products.
  • The brand also chooses to manufacture its products closer to home, which helps in reducing the climate impact of long-distance shipping. This decision reflects their dedication to minimizing their carbon footprint.
  • However, there is no evidence to suggest that Materiel is taking meaningful action to reduce water use. Water scarcity is a growing concern, and it is essential for brands to implement strategies to conserve water resources.
  • In order to minimize waste, Materiel reuses some of its textile offcuts. This practice showcases their efforts towards sustainable waste management.

People Rating

At our blog, we believe that workers’ rights are central to evaluating a brand’s sustainability efforts. Our “People” rating assesses brands’ policies and practices regarding workers’ rights. For Materiel, we rate them as “It’s a Start”. Here are the factors influencing this score:

  • Materiel partly traces its supply chain, including all of the final production stage. This transparency is an essential step towards ensuring ethical practices throughout the supply chain.
  • The brand also audits some of its supply chain, including all of the final production stage. Regular audits help in identifying areas where improvements can be made to protect workers’ rights.
  • While Materiel does not have a formal Code of Conduct, they do have a formal statement covering workers’ rights. This demonstrates their commitment to addressing labor issues in their supply chain.
  • However, there is no evidence to suggest that Materiel ensures workers are paid living wages in its supply chain. Ensuring fair wages is crucial in promoting workers’ well-being and reducing inequality.

Animals Rating

When it comes to animal welfare, Materiel has been rated as “Good”. Our “Animals” rating focuses on brands’ animal welfare policies and their ability to trace animal-derived products. Here are the factors influencing Materiel’s score:

  • Materiel has published a general statement about minimizing animal suffering, although they do not have a formal animal welfare policy. While a formal policy would be ideal, their commitment to minimizing animal suffering is a step in the right direction.
  • The brand appears to use exotic animal hair and silk in some of its products. It is essential for brands to consider alternative materials that do not harm or exploit animals.
  • Responsible Wool Standard certifies some of the wool that Materiel sources. This certification ensures that wool is produced in a manner that prioritizes animal welfare.
  • Materiel does not appear to use leather, down, fur, angora, or exotic animal skin. Avoiding the use of these materials is commendable as they are often associated with animal cruelty.

Overall Rating

Based on our evaluation of all publicly available information, we rate Materiel as “Good” overall. While there are areas where they can improve, such as reducing water use and ensuring workers are paid living wages, the brand has taken significant steps towards sustainability.

It is important for consumers to support brands that prioritize sustainability and actively work towards a more ethical and environmentally friendly fashion industry. By choosing brands like Materiel, we can contribute to the shift towards a more sustainable future.

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