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MONKIND: A Sustainable Revolution in Fashion

Embracing a profound commitment to sustainability, MONKIND sets a new standard in fashion. Style should harmonize with environmental responsibility and the well-being of those involved in the intricate tapestry of production. 

At MONKIND, our mission transcends mere aesthetics; we are dedicated to crafting a brand that resonates with style aficionados seeking chic apparel and a conscientious and socially responsible choice.

Key Takeaways

  • Planet-Friendly Practices: Prioritizes lower-impact materials like organic cotton, reducing chemical usage and water waste.
  • People-Centric Values: Adheres to a Code of Conduct based on ILO’s Four Fundamental Freedoms principles, prioritising fair and safe working conditions.
  • Transparency in Supply Chain: MONKIND traces most of its supply chain, showcasing a commitment to transparency.
  • Cruelty-Free Fashion: Recognized by PETA as a vegan brand, MONKIND refrains from using animal-derived materials.


Founded in 2014, MONKIND is a socially responsible Berlin brand, led by a family passionate about sustainability and style. The brand, spearheaded by Valeria, the dedicated designer within the family, specializes in creating timeless, minimalistic clothing for children and adults. 

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Committed to longevity, MONKIND’s pieces are crafted to endure, with the intention of being passed down through generations. Embracing sustainability, the brand exclusively utilizes GOTS-certified organic materials and innovative, eco-friendly fabrics.

Design Principles:

Structure. Colour. Inclusivity.

Known for their originality, comfort, and modern style, MONKIND’s garments defy conventional norms. Stepping away from bright, gender-specific colors and styles, the brand champions inclusivity, ensuring that every piece is designed to complement individuals of all ages.

Glocal Presence:


Rooted in the vibrant and rejuvenated city of Berlin, MONKIND embodies a fusion of global and local influences. Their store in Berlin-Schöneberg offers unique pieces, including one-off production samples and prototypes, alongside a diverse array from past and present collections. Production occurs in small, family-run factories in northern Portugal, a process diligently monitored through regular visits to guarantee fair treatment and wages for workers. With a global outlook, MONKIND ships worldwide, reaching over a hundred stockists across five continents.

In the realm of family, sustainability, and style, MONKIND stands as a beacon, harmonizing creativity with ethical practices in the heart of Berlin and resonating globally.

Planet Rating

In meticulously evaluating environmental policies, our “Planet” rating celebrates MONKIND with a commendable “Good” standing. Several factors contribute to this recognition:

  • Lower-Impact Materials: MONKIND prioritizes substantially using lower-impact materials, mainly organic cotton. This deliberate choice curtails the use of harmful chemicals, conserves water, and minimizes wastewater in their intricate supply chain.
  • Renewable Energy Commitment: A staunch commitment to reducing climate impacts is evident in MONKIND’s embrace of renewable energy throughout its supply chain. This shrinks their carbon footprint and establishes a positive benchmark for the entire industry.
  • Conscious Packaging: MONKIND demonstrates a profound dedication to waste reduction by adopting recycled materials in its packaging, contributing to promoting a circular economy.
  • Innovative Waste Reduction: While direct evidence of minimizing textile waste is absent, MONKIND actively explores innovative avenues to enhance their practices and reduce waste generation.

People Rating:

At MONKIND, the core tenet of workers’ rights is held in high regard, earning them an “It’s a Start” rating in our “People” category:

  • Certified Supply Chain: A substantial portion of MONKIND’s supply chain boasts certification by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), ensuring organic cotton’s environmentally and socially responsible production.
  • Comprehensive Code of Conduct: MONKIND’s robust Code of Conduct aligns with the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Four Fundamental Freedoms principles, underscoring their commitment to fair and safe working conditions.
  • Transparent Supply Chain: With comprehensive supply chain tracing, MONKIND exhibits a commendable understanding of the origins of its products and the conditions under which they are crafted.
  • Room for Improvement: Despite these positive aspects, clarity is sought regarding whether MONKIND guarantees living wages for workers, presenting an area where enhanced transparency is encouraged.

Animals Rating:

In the realm of animal welfare policies and traceability of animal-derived products, MONKIND earns a resounding “Great”:

  • Vegan Brand Certification: Recognized by PETA as a vegan brand, MONKIND refrains from utilizing animal-derived materials in its product range, exemplifying a steadfast commitment to cruelty-free fashion.
  • Meeting Standards: After a thorough review, MONKIND aligns with our stringent animal welfare and traceability standards, affirming their dedication to responsible and ethical practices.

Overall Rating:

In conclusion, MONKIND proudly secures an overall “Good” rating. Their unwavering dedication to sustainability, spanning environmental and social facets, positions them as trailblazers in the industry. As we applaud their achievements, we encourage MONKIND to persist in reaching even loftier standards in the ongoing journey toward a more ethical and environmentally conscious fashion landscape.


Is MONKIND a fully sustainable brand?

MONKIND is rated “Good” overall, showcasing a solid commitment to sustainability. However, continuous improvement is encouraged.

How does MONKIND contribute to environmental sustainability?

Through the use of lower-impact materials, renewable energy, and conscious packaging, MONKIND minimizes its environmental footprint.

Are MONKIND’s workers treated fairly?

MONKIND receives an “It’s a Start” rating in workers’ rights. They adhere to GOTS and ILO principles but need further transparency on living wages.

Does MONKIND use animal-derived materials in its products?

No, MONKIND is recognized by PETA as a vegan brand, emphasizing cruelty-free fashion.

What is MONKIND’s rating in the “Planet” category?

MONKIND earns a “Good” rating, showcasing its dedication to environmentally friendly practices.

How does MONKIND minimize textile waste?

While adopting a made-to-order approach, MONKIND is actively exploring innovative methods to minimize textile waste further.

Is MONKIND transparent about its supply chain?

Yes, MONKIND traces most of its supply chain, providing consumers with insight into the origins of its products.

What improvements can MONKIND make for a higher sustainability rating?

Enhancements in ensuring living wages for workers and continuous efforts in reducing water usage could contribute to an even higher sustainability rating. 

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