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Niovi Organics is a sustainable brand that is making great strides in the fashion industry. With a focus on eco-friendly materials and fair labor practices, it is clear that this company cares about more than just profit.

Environment Rating

When it comes to the environment, Niovi Organics has received a ‘good’ rating. This is due to its use of a high proportion of eco-friendly materials, such as cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

By using these materials, Niovi Organics is able to reduce its climate impact and limit the amount of chemicals, water, and wastewater that are used in production. This is incredibly important in an industry that is known for its negative impact on the environment.

While Niovi Organics does not have specific initiatives in place to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, its commitment to using eco-friendly materials shows that it is making a conscious effort to be more sustainable.

Labor Rating

In terms of labor practices, Niovi Organics also receives a ‘good’ rating. The company monitors health and safety issues through a third-party audit of its supply chain, ensuring that workers are not put at risk.

Additionally, Niovi Organics traces most of its supply chain, which is a crucial step in ensuring transparency and accountability. By knowing where its materials come from, the brand can better understand and address any labor issues that may arise.

However, it is worth noting that Niovi Organics sources its final stage of production from countries with extreme risk of labor abuse. While the brand does not directly contribute to these abuses, it is important for consumers to be aware of the potential ethical implications of their purchases.

One area where Niovi Organics could improve is in ensuring payment of a living wage in its supply chain. While it is unclear whether the brand currently does this, it is a crucial step in ensuring fair treatment and compensation for workers.

Overall Rating

After considering both the environment and labor scores, Niovi Organics receives a ‘Good’ overall rating. This means that the brand is making positive steps towards sustainability and fair labor practices, but there is still room for improvement.

By using eco-friendly materials and monitoring its supply chain, Niovi Organics is setting an example for other brands in the industry. It shows that fashion can be both stylish and sustainable.

As consumers, it is important for us to support brands like Niovi Organics that prioritize the well-being of the planet and its workers. By making conscious purchasing decisions, we can help drive positive change in the fashion industry and create a more sustainable future.

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