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Otiumberg is a brand that is making great strides in sustainability. With a strong focus on environmental policies in their supply chains, they have earned a “Great” rating in our “Planet” evaluation. This rating takes into account factors such as carbon emissions, wastewater management, business models, and product circularity.

One of the key reasons Otiumberg has earned this rating is their use of a high proportion of lower-impact materials, including recycled materials. By using these materials, they are able to limit the chemicals, water, and wastewater in their supply chain, making a positive impact on the environment. Additionally, Otiumberg takes great care to minimize waste by limiting their production runs. This not only reduces their environmental footprint but also ensures that their products are made with care and attention to detail.

In terms of packaging, Otiumberg goes the extra mile by using compostable packaging. This shows their commitment to not only creating sustainable products but also to ensuring that their packaging has minimal impact on the environment. By choosing compostable materials, they are helping to reduce waste and encourage consumers to make environmentally conscious choices.

Moving on to the “People” rating, Otiumberg has been rated as “It’s a Start”. This rating focuses on workers’ rights and evaluates brands’ policies and practices regarding child labor, living wages, and gender equality. While Otiumberg has made some positive strides in this area, there is still room for improvement.

One positive aspect of Otiumberg’s practices is that some of their supply chain is certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council. This certification ensures that certain ethical standards are met, particularly in terms of responsible sourcing of materials. Furthermore, Otiumberg traces most of their supply chain, demonstrating a commitment to transparency and accountability.

However, there is still some uncertainty regarding whether Otiumberg ensures that workers in their supply chain are paid living wages. This is an important consideration in evaluating workers’ rights and is an area where Otiumberg can continue to improve.

In terms of our “Animals” rating, Otiumberg has not been evaluated as they primarily use materials that are free of animal-derived products. This means that their products have minimal impact on animals, which is a positive aspect of their brand.

Overall, based on our evaluation and the publicly available information we have reviewed, Otiumberg has received a “Good” rating. Their focus on sustainability, particularly in their supply chains, has earned them high marks in the “Planet” category. While they have made positive strides in workers’ rights, there is still room for improvement in this area. Nevertheless, Otiumberg is on the right track and is a brand to watch for those seeking sustainable and ethically-made jewelry.

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