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Sustainability Assessment of Mashu

At our blog, we strive to evaluate brands based on their environmental policies and sustainability efforts. When it comes to Mashu, we are pleased to rate them as “Good” in our “Planet” category. Mashu demonstrates a commitment to the environment through various sustainable practices in their supply chain.

Environmental Policies

Mashu shows a commendable effort to reduce their environmental impact by incorporating a medium proportion of lower-impact materials, including recycled materials, in their products. This choice helps to minimize the use of virgin resources and reduces the overall carbon footprint.

To further contribute to waste reduction, Mashu limits its production runs, ensuring that they produce only what is necessary. By avoiding overproduction, the brand prevents excess waste from ending up in landfills.

Transportation and distribution are significant sources of carbon emissions. Mashu takes meaningful action to reduce these emissions, displaying a genuine concern for the environment. By optimizing their transportation methods and exploring greener alternatives, Mashu aims to minimize their carbon footprint.

Additionally, Mashu demonstrates their commitment to sustainability through their packaging choices. The brand uses recycled packaging materials, further aligning with their goal of minimizing waste and promoting a circular economy.

Workers’ Rights and Ethical Practices

At our blog, we believe it is essential to assess brands’ policies and practices regarding workers’ rights. In this regard, Mashu receives an “It’s a Start” rating in our “People” category, indicating that there is room for improvement.

Mashu’s final production stage takes place in Greece, which is considered a medium-risk country for labor abuse. While this may raise concerns, Mashu partly traces its supply chain, including all of the final production stage. Transparency in the supply chain is an important step towards ensuring ethical practices.

However, there is no evidence to suggest that Mashu has a Code of Conduct in place, which may leave room for improvement in maintaining and enforcing workers’ rights. Furthermore, it is unclear whether living wages are guaranteed to workers throughout Mashu’s supply chain.

Mashu claims to visit some of its supply chain, although the brand does not provide specific information regarding the percentage covered. Increased transparency and clear communication would strengthen their rating in this category.

Animal Welfare

As a blog that focuses on sustainability, we believe that considering animal welfare is crucial. In this aspect, Mashu receives a “Great” rating in our “Animals” category, indicating their strong commitment to animal welfare.

Mashu proudly states that their entire product range is vegan, implying that they do not use any animal-derived materials. By offering vegan products, the brand promotes ethical choices and supports the well-being of animals.

Furthermore, Mashu emphasizes the importance of traceability in their animal-derived products. This commitment enables customers to make informed choices and ensures that animal welfare is upheld throughout the supply chain.

Overall Assessment

Based on all the publicly available information we have reviewed, we rate Mashu as “Good” overall. The brand demonstrates a genuine commitment to environmental sustainability by using lower-impact materials, minimizing waste, reducing emissions, and utilizing recycled packaging.

In terms of workers’ rights and ethical practices, Mashu has room for improvement. While they partly trace their supply chain and visit some of their suppliers, the lack of a Code of Conduct and specific information on living wages are areas that can be addressed to enhance their rating.

However, Mashu excels in animal welfare, with their entire product range being vegan and a strong emphasis on traceability. This dedication showcases their commitment to ethical choices and supporting animal well-being throughout the supply chain.

Overall, Mashu’s sustainability efforts are commendable, and their commitment to environmental and animal welfare practices sets a positive example for the fashion industry. We look forward to seeing their continued progress in prioritizing sustainability and ethical practices.

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