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OVS: Aiming for Sustainability but Room for Improvement

OVS, a popular global fashion brand, has been making strides towards sustainability and environmental responsibility. However, there is still ample room for improvement in various aspects. In this article, we delve into OVS’s environmental, labor, and animal welfare ratings to gain a better understanding of the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Environmental Rating: Not Good Enough

When it comes to environmental practices, OVS falls short of expectations. With a rating of ‘not good enough,’ the brand has yet to demonstrate a robust commitment to reducing its impact on the environment. While OVS does use some eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton, more can be done to prioritize sustainable sourcing and production methods.

One glaring issue is the absence of evidence suggesting that OVS has set targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In a time when climate change is a pressing global concern, it is crucial for brands like OVS to take proactive measures to minimize their carbon footprint.

Furthermore, there is no substantial evidence to indicate that OVS implements water reduction initiatives throughout its supply chain. Water scarcity is a growing concern in many parts of the world, and fashion brands have a responsibility to conserve water and implement sustainable water management practices.

Additionally, OVS lacks an adequate policy for protecting biodiversity. Preserving ecosystems and safeguarding the planet’s biodiversity is crucial for a sustainable future.

Labor Rating: It’s a Start

When it comes to labor practices, OVS shows potential for improvement but still has a long way to go. With a rating of ‘it’s a start,’ the brand has implemented some measures to ensure fair working conditions in its supply chain.

OVS has received certifications from reputable organizations such as the Business Social Compliance Initiative Code of Conduct (BSCI) and the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP). These certifications apply to the final stage of production, indicating a commitment to upholding ethical labor standards.

However, the brand’s labor rating would greatly benefit from implementing practices that support diversity and inclusion in its supply chain. Fashion is a global industry, and it is crucial to ensure equal opportunities and fair treatment for all individuals involved in the production process.

OVS does have a project in place to improve wages in some parts of its supply chain. Nonetheless, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that the brand ensures the payment of a living wage, which is essential for securing fair livelihoods for workers.

Furthermore, OVS falls short in terms of disclosing adequate policies and safeguards to protect suppliers and workers in its supply chain from the impacts of COVID-19. Particularly in times of crisis, brands need to step up and prioritize the well-being and livelihoods of those working within their supply chains.

Animal Rating: Not Good Enough

Animal welfare is an increasingly important aspect to consider in the fashion industry, and here, OVS falls behind with a rating of ‘not good enough.’

On a positive note, OVS does have a formal animal welfare policy aligned with the Five Freedoms, a framework that outlines ethical considerations for animal treatment. The brand also has clear mechanisms in place to implement this policy.

However, the use of leather, wool, exotic animal hair, and down raises concerns about the sustainability and ethics of its animal-based materials. While OVS does not use fur, exotic animal skin, or angora, there is room for improvement in sourcing and promoting alternative cruelty-free materials.

Moreover, while OVS traces some animal products to the first stage of production, there is undoubtedly scope for the brand to engage in more transparent and traceable sourcing practices.

Overall Rating: It’s a Start

Considering all the aspects, OVS receives an overall rating of ‘it’s a start’ regarding sustainability. While the brand has made some progress in various areas, there are significant areas for improvement.

Ultimately, OVS needs to strengthen its commitment to environmental responsibility by setting clear targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, implementing water reduction initiatives throughout its supply chain, and prioritizing biodiversity conservation.

In terms of labor practices, OVS should focus on promoting diversity and inclusion, ensuring the payment of a living wage, and enhancing policies to protect suppliers and workers, especially during times of crisis like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Lastly, animal welfare should be a priority for OVS. The brand should explore sustainable alternatives to animal-based materials and strive for greater transparency and traceability in its sourcing practices.

While OVS is on the right path towards sustainability, it must seize the opportunity to make significant improvements and become a frontrunner in ethical and environmentally conscious fashion.

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