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People Tree: A Leader in Sustainable Fashion

People Tree, a renowned fashion brand, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and has earned a stellar reputation in the industry. As an advocate for ethical practices and environmental responsibility, People Tree has received a “Great” rating in our “Planet” evaluation.

Planet Rating: Great

One of the key factors contributing to People Tree’s high rating is their use of lower-impact materials, particularly organic cotton. By choosing organic cotton, People Tree significantly reduces the chemicals, water, and wastewater in their supply chain. This conscious decision helps protect our environment and ensures a more sustainable future. Additionally, the brand utilizes low-waste cutting techniques to maximize fabric use, reducing waste and minimizing their ecological footprint.

Another noteworthy aspect of People Tree’s sustainability efforts is their commitment to packaging that is recyclable. By prioritizing recyclable materials for their packaging, People Tree actively contributes to waste reduction and supports the principles of a circular economy.

People Rating: Great

People Tree not only cares for the planet but also values the well-being and rights of workers throughout their supply chain. This dedication to workers’ rights has earned them a “Great” rating in our “People” evaluation.

The majority of People Tree’s supply chain is certified by trusted organizations such as Fair Wear Foundation, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and WFTO Guarantee System. These certifications ensure that workers are treated fairly, with adequate wages and safe working conditions. Furthermore, People Tree traces most of its supply chain, providing transparency and accountability in their operations.

One of the most significant contributions People Tree makes is ensuring that workers in their supply chain receive living wages. By prioritizing fair wages, People Tree empowers workers and supports economic equality, making a tangible difference in the lives of those involved in their production.

Animals Rating: Good

While People Tree is primarily focused on ethical sourcing and workers’ rights, they also demonstrate a commendable commitment to animal welfare. Our “Animals” rating for People Tree is “Good.”

The brand does not use materials such as leather, down, fur, angora, exotic animal skin, or exotic animal hair in their products. This conscious choice ensures that no animals are harmed or exploited for fashion purposes. Additionally, People Tree states that they source wool from non-mulesed sheep, indicating their commitment to responsible sourcing practices.

Overall Rating: Great

Based on all publicly available information and our evaluation, People Tree receives an overall rating of “Great.” Their dedication to sustainable practices, worker’s rights, and animal welfare sets them apart as a leader in the fashion industry.

By choosing People Tree, consumers can feel confident that they are supporting a brand that prioritizes the well-being of the planet, workers, and animals. People Tree’s commitment to sustainability serves as an inspiration for other brands to follow, encouraging a positive shift towards a more ethical and environmentally conscious fashion industry.

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