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When it comes to sustainability, RVDK is a brand that stands out. With its great environment rating, RVDK prioritizes using eco-friendly materials and reducing its carbon footprint. Not only does it use a high proportion of recycled materials, but it also manufactures locally to minimize environmental impact.

One of the key advantages of RVDK’s commitment to eco-friendly materials is the reduction in the use of chemicals, water, and wastewater in its production process. By opting for sustainable materials, the brand is actively working towards limiting its harmful impact on the environment.

However, while RVDK shines in terms of its environment rating, its labor rating is not as impressive. The brand falls short when it comes to ensuring fair labor practices throughout its supply chain. Although its final stage of production takes place in the Netherlands, which is considered a low-risk country for labor abuse, there is no evidence that RVDK has a Code of Conduct in place.

Furthermore, RVDK does not provide any evidence of ensuring payment of a living wage in its supply chain. This is a significant concern, as it raises questions about the brand’s commitment to fair wages and ethical labor practices. Additionally, there is no information available regarding audits of RVDK’s supply chain, further highlighting the need for greater transparency in these areas.

On the bright side, RVDK scores well in terms of its animal rating. The brand does not use fur, down, exotic animal hair, exotic animal skin, or angora in its products. Instead, RVDK opts for recycled wool and recycled leather, which are sustainable alternatives. This commitment to animal welfare showcases the brand’s dedication to ethical practices.

Overall, RVDK receives a good rating when examining its sustainability practices. While it excels in terms of its environment rating and animal welfare, there is room for improvement in its labor rating. The brand should prioritize implementing a Code of Conduct, ensuring fair wages in its supply chain, and conducting audits to maintain transparency and accountability.

By embracing sustainability and making further improvements in labor practices, RVDK has the potential to become a leading brand in the world of sustainable fashion. Its commitment to eco-friendly materials and animal welfare sets a positive example for other brands to follow. As consumers become increasingly conscious of the impact of their choices, RVDK’s focus on sustainability positions it as a brand worth supporting.

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