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Is SeamsFriendly a Sustainable Brand? Unveiling the Eco Credentials

Discover the sustainability journey of SeamsFriendly, a brand committed to eco-conscious practices, as it undergoes a comprehensive evaluation across various categories. From environmental policies to workers’ rights, delve into the brand’s efforts and areas of improvement in the pursuit of sustainability.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lower-Impact Materials: SeamsFriendly earns points for choosing materials with a lower environmental footprint, aligning with a commitment to reduce its impact on the planet.
  • Made-to-Order Approach: The brand’s made-to-order strategy helps minimize waste by producing items only when there’s demand, reducing excess inventory and contributing to a more sustainable fashion model.
  • Recycled Packaging: SeamsFriendly incorporates recycled packaging materials into its supply chain, actively participating in resource conservation and promoting a circular economy.
  • People Rating: While rated as “It’s a Start” in workers’ rights, SeamsFriendly sources from countries with a high labor abuse risk signaling potential concerns that need attention.
  • Animal-Friendly Practices: With a “Great” rating in the Animals category, SeamsFriendly’s entire product range is vegan, affirming its dedication to animal welfare and cruelty-free fashion.
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SeamsFriendly’s Sustainability Assessment

As champions of body positivity, the brand believes in making well-crafted designer wear accessible to individuals of all body types, embracing diversity from lean to plus-size, petite to tall, and everything in between.

The conscious decision is to collaborate exclusively with natural materials, prioritizing their gentle impact on the skin and the planet.

Functionality and utility often take a back seat in clothing, particularly for women. The brand aims to eradicate the inconvenience of carrying a handbag when it’s not desired, emphasizing practicality and ease in fashion choices. 

Environmental Policies – Planet Rating:

SeamsFriendly earns an “It’s a Start” rating in our “Planet” evaluation, considering factors like carbon emissions, wastewater management, business models, and product circularity.

Lower-Impact Materials and Waste Reduction:

Emphasizing lower-impact materials, SeamsFriendly takes strides to minimize its environmental footprint. The brand’s made-to-order approach helps reduce waste by producing items based on demand curbing excess inventory and wastage.

In the design process at SeamsFriendly, meticulous planning is undertaken for upcoming collections. The team begins by determining the mood, color palette, theme, and functional features.

Each garment undergoes thorough fit testing to ensure an ideal fit for various body types.

The fabrics are sourced locally and carefully selected from different regions in India, considering specific criteria:

  • 100% Natural, Plant-Based fabrics.
  •  Versatility, Durability, and Breathability.
  • Unique Crafts, Weaves, and Techniques, etc.

Using natural materials diminishes the release of microplastics and harmful chemicals associated with the apparel industry.

Water Usage Concerns:

Despite positive strides, there needs evidence of substantial action by SeamsFriendly to reduce water use. Addressing water usage is crucial in the fashion industry, and sustainable practices should include strategies for responsible water management.

People Rating – Workers’ Rights:

SeamsFriendly receives an “It’s a Start” in our “People” rating, highlighting areas for improvement in policies related to workers’ rights. Sourcing from countries with a high labor abuse risk raises concerns about the brand’s supply chain.

Supply Chain Transparency and Code of Conduct:

While partially tracing its supply chain, SeamsFriendly needs more evidence of a formal Code of Conduct. Transparency is crucial, and the brand’s commitment to workers’ rights is indicated through a formal statement.

Fair Wages in the Supply Chain:

There’s no evidence to confirm that SeamsFriendly ensures workers in its supply chain receive living wages. Addressing fair wages is pivotal in promoting ethical labor practices and combating exploitation.

Animal Welfare – Animals Rating:

SeamsFriendly earns a “Great” rating in our “Animals” evaluation, boasting a vegan product range and affirming its dedication to animal welfare by avoiding animal-derived materials.

Overall Sustainability Rating:

Based on our review of publicly available information, SeamsFriendly attains a “Good” overall rating. While commendable progress has been made, there’s room for improvement, particularly in water usage reduction and enhancing workers’ rights and fair wages in the supply chain. 


Is SeamsFriendly actively reducing water use in its production processes?

SeamsFriendly needs evidence of meaningful action to reduce water use. Sustainable fashion necessitates responsible water management; thus, this is an area for potential improvement.

How does SeamsFriendly contribute to waste reduction?

The made-to-order approach adopted by SeamsFriendly helps minimize waste by producing items based on demand, preventing excess inventory and associated wastage.

Does SeamsFriendly have a Code of Conduct for the ethical treatment of workers?

While a formal statement covers workers’ rights, there’s no evidence of a specific Code of Conduct. Establishing one is crucial for ensuring fair and ethical treatment of workers.

Does SeamsFriendly ensure living wages for workers in its supply chain?

No evidence suggests that SeamsFriendly ensures living wages for workers. This is critical for combating labor exploitation and promoting fair labor practices.

How does SeamsFriendly contribute to a circular economy?

SeamsFriendly actively incorporates recycled packaging materials into its supply chain, promoting resource conservation and contributing to the principles of a circular economy.

What is SeamsFriendly’s overall sustainability rating?

Based on publicly available information, SeamsFriendly receives a “Good” overall rating, signifying positive steps in sustainability. However, areas like water usage and workers’ rights need improvement.

Is SeamsFriendly’s entire product range vegan?

SeamsFriendly has achieved a “Great” rating in the Animals category, with its entire product range being vegan, reflecting a strong commitment to animal welfare. 

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