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STANLEY/STELLA is a brand that is making a positive impact on the world through its sustainable practices. The brand has been rated as “Great” in our “Planet” rating, which evaluates brands based on their environmental policies in their supply chains. STANLEY/STELLA stands out for its use of lower-impact materials, such as organic cotton, which helps reduce the chemicals, water, and wastewater in its supply chain. This commitment to using sustainable materials is a step in the right direction towards creating a more sustainable fashion industry.

In addition to using eco-friendly materials, STANLEY/STELLA also takes measures to minimize waste in its production process. The brand reuses some of its textile offcuts, reducing the amount of fabric waste that ends up in landfills. This not only helps protect the environment but also shows a commitment to resourcefulness and creativity in their approach to fashion production.

One of the ways STANLEY/STELLA is addressing climate change is by using renewable energy in its supply chain. By relying on sustainable energy sources, the brand is reducing its carbon emissions and lessening its overall climate impact. This dedication to renewable energy demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to sustainability and the brand’s commitment to being a responsible and eco-conscious company.

While STANLEY/STELLA has made great strides in its environmental practices, it has also been rated as “Good” in our “People” rating. This rating evaluates the brand’s policies and practices regarding workers’ rights. STANLEY/STELLA receives positive marks for having the majority of its final production stage certified by the Fair Wear Foundation. This certification ensures that workers are treated fairly, and their rights are respected throughout the production process.

Furthermore, STANLEY/STELLA’s Code of Conduct aligns with the International Labour Organization’s Four Fundamental Freedoms principles, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to workers’ rights and fair labor practices. The brand also traces most of its supply chain, demonstrating transparency and accountability in its sourcing practices. However, while the brand claims to have a program to improve wages, there is no concrete evidence that it ensures its workers are paid living wages throughout most of its supply chain.

In terms of animal welfare, STANLEY/STELLA has been rated as “Great” in our “Animals” rating. The brand has been listed as vegan by PETA, indicating that it does not use any animal-derived products in its production process. This commitment to animal welfare aligns with the brand’s overall dedication to sustainability and ethical practices.

Based on our evaluation of all publicly available information, we rate STANLEY/STELLA as “Great” overall. The brand’s focus on using sustainable materials, minimizing waste, using renewable energy, and maintaining fair labor practices, all contribute to an impressive commitment to sustainability. STANLEY/STELLA sets a positive example for other brands in the fashion industry, showing that it is possible to create stylish and high-quality products while still prioritizing the well-being of the planet, people, and animals.

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