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STORY mfg. is a brand that has been making waves in the world of sustainable fashion. With a focus on environmental policies and worker’s rights, this brand is committed to making a positive impact. In fact, our “Planet” rating evaluates brands based on their environmental policies, and STORY mfg. has received a “Good” rating in this category.

One of the factors influencing its score is the use of lower-impact materials, including organic cotton. By using these materials, STORY mfg. is able to limit the chemicals, water, and wastewater in its supply chain. This is a crucial step in reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

Another way that STORY mfg. is working towards sustainability is by reusing all of its textile offcuts. By minimizing waste in this way, the brand is able to reduce its overall environmental footprint. This commitment to circularity is commendable and sets STORY mfg. apart from other brands in the industry.

In addition to its focus on the environment, STORY mfg. also places a strong emphasis on worker’s rights. Our “People” rating evaluates brands on their policies and practices, including issues such as child labor, living wages, and gender equality. STORY mfg. has received an “It’s a Start” rating in this category.

While the brand does partly trace its supply chain, including the final production stage, there is no evidence of a formal Code of Conduct. However, STORY mfg. does have a statement that covers workers’ rights, showing a commitment to ensuring fair and ethical treatment of workers. The brand also visits its suppliers regularly, further demonstrating its dedication to worker’s rights.

One area where there is room for improvement is in ensuring that workers are paid living wages throughout the supply chain. While it is not clear if STORY mfg. currently meets this standard, the brand has the opportunity to take further action in this area.

Our “Animals” rating focuses on animal welfare policies and how well brands trace their animal-derived products. In this category, STORY mfg. receives a “Great” rating. The brand states that its entire product range is vegan, meaning that no animal products are used in the manufacturing process. This commitment to animal welfare is another reason why STORY mfg. stands out in the sustainable fashion industry.

Based on all publicly available information that we have reviewed, we rate STORY mfg. “Good” overall. This brand is making positive strides towards sustainability, with a focus on both the environment and worker’s rights. By using lower-impact materials, reusing textile offcuts, and ensuring animal welfare, STORY mfg. is setting a standard for other brands to follow.

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