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The SUSS Edit is a brand that prioritizes sustainability in its production processes. The brand has been rated ‘good’ for its environment efforts, as it utilizes a significant amount of eco-friendly materials, with a particular focus on organic cotton. By doing so, the brand minimizes its climate impact and reduces the use of chemicals, water, and wastewater in its production.

One of the key aspects of The SUSS Edit’s sustainability practices is its limited production run. This approach helps to minimize textile waste, as the brand only produces the amount of clothing that is in demand. By avoiding overproduction, the brand ensures that its products are not contributing to the growing issue of textile waste in the fashion industry.

However, when it comes to labor practices, The SUSS Edit’s rating is not as high. The brand’s final stage of production takes place in Portugal, which is considered a medium-risk country for labor abuses. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to suggest that The SUSS Edit has implemented a Code of Conduct or that it ensures the payment of a living wage in its supply chain. Additionally, there is no evidence of supplier audits, which raises concerns about the brand’s commitment to ethically sourced labor.

In terms of animal welfare, The SUSS Edit receives a ‘good’ rating. The brand does not use materials such as leather, down, fur, exotic animal skin, or angora, which are often associated with animal cruelty. Instead, The SUSS Edit utilizes recycled wool and recycled cashmere, showcasing its commitment to minimizing its impact on animals and the environment.

Overall, The SUSS Edit is rated ‘Good’ for its sustainable practices. While the brand excels in terms of its use of eco-friendly materials and its commitment to animal welfare, there are areas for improvement, particularly in labor practices. Implementing a Code of Conduct, ensuring the payment of a living wage, and conducting supplier audits would greatly enhance the brand’s overall sustainability efforts.

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