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THEA WITH LOVE is a brand that aims to prioritize sustainability in its supply chain. By evaluating various factors, such as the use of lower-impact materials and the implementation of environmentally friendly practices, THEA WITH LOVE has been given a “It’s a Start” rating in the “Planet” category.

One of the positive aspects of THEA WITH LOVE is its use of a medium proportion of lower-impact materials, including organic cotton. This choice of materials helps to reduce the ecological impact of the brand’s products. However, there is no evidence to suggest that THEA WITH LOVE is actively taking further action to reduce its energy use or greenhouse gas emissions. This is an area where the brand could potentially improve its sustainability efforts.

Another aspect that influences the brand’s “Planet” rating is its approach to textile waste. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to show that THEA WITH LOVE minimizes textile waste in its supply chain. Textile waste is a significant environmental issue, and brands that take steps to manage and reduce this waste can greatly contribute to sustainability efforts.

On a positive note, THEA WITH LOVE does use compostable packaging. This choice of packaging material helps to reduce waste and promote environmental sustainability. Compostable packaging breaks down naturally, minimizing the impact on the environment and reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

Turning our attention to the “People” rating, which evaluates brands’ policies and practices related to workers’ rights, THEA WITH LOVE has been given a “Not Good Enough” rating. This rating is influenced by several factors, including the sourcing of the brand’s final stage of production from countries with extreme risks of labor abuse. It is important for brands to ensure that their supply chains are free from exploitative labor practices.

Furthermore, there is no evidence to suggest that THEA WITH LOVE has a comprehensive Code of Conduct in place. A Code of Conduct outlines the brand’s commitment to ethical practices and serves as a guide for both the brand and its suppliers. Without a clear Code of Conduct, it is challenging to determine the brand’s dedication to ensuring fair and safe working conditions.

However, THEA WITH LOVE does partially trace its supply chain, including the final production stage. This level of transparency is beneficial as it provides some insight into the brand’s practices and allows for accountability. Nevertheless, it is not clear whether THEA WITH LOVE ensures that workers in its supply chain are paid living wages. Paying living wages is crucial in promoting fair labor practices and improving the livelihoods of workers.

In terms of animal welfare, THEA WITH LOVE has received a “Good” rating. The brand does not appear to use animal-derived materials, which helps to reduce the harm caused to animals in the fashion industry. However, it is important to note that THEA WITH LOVE does not claim to be a vegan brand. This means that while it avoids using animal-derived materials, it may still use materials or processes that have an indirect impact on animal welfare.

Based on all the publicly available information that has been reviewed, THEA WITH LOVE has received an overall rating of “It’s a Start.” While the brand demonstrates some positive practices, there are areas where improvements can be made to further enhance its sustainability efforts. By continuing to prioritize sustainability and taking further action in areas such as energy reduction, waste management, and worker’s rights, THEA WITH LOVE can progress towards even higher sustainability ratings.

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