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Little Green Radicals is an environmentally conscious brand that is dedicated to sustainability. With a great environment rating, it is clear that this company prioritizes eco-friendly practices. One of the ways in which they achieve this is through their use of a high proportion of organic cotton. By opting for this material, Little Green Radicals reduces the amount of harmful chemicals, water, and wastewater that are typically associated with conventional cotton production.

But the brand’s commitment to the environment doesn’t stop there. Little Green Radicals also takes steps to reduce its carbon footprint by utilizing sea freight for shipping. This choice helps to minimize the emissions that would occur with air travel or other less sustainable shipping methods. Not only does this benefit the planet, but it also showcases the brand’s dedication to finding greener solutions at every step of the supply chain.

In addition to its eco-friendly materials and shipping methods, Little Green Radicals goes the extra mile by using compostable packaging. This is a significant move, as packaging waste is a major contributor to environmental pollution. By implementing compostable packaging, the brand ensures that its products can be packaged and shipped with minimal harm to the planet. This commitment to sustainability extends to all aspects of the brand’s operations.

Little Green Radicals also prioritizes fair labor practices, as evidenced by its great labor rating. The brand ensures that all workers in its supply chain are paid a living wage. This commitment to fair pay helps to combat the issue of low wages and exploitation that is all too common in the fashion industry. By tracing all aspects of its supply chain, Little Green Radicals creates transparency and accountability, giving consumers peace of mind that the workers involved in the production of their clothing are treated fairly.

Another noteworthy aspect of Little Green Radicals is its certification by Fairtrade International – Small Producers Organizations. This certification further highlights the brand’s dedication to ethical practices and its support for small-scale producers. It shows that Little Green Radicals is not just focused on its own sustainability but also on uplifting and empowering individuals and communities involved in the production of its clothing.

While Little Green Radicals does not use any animal products in its clothing, it does not explicitly state that it is a vegan brand. This may be something for conscious shoppers to consider if they are looking for vegan options. However, the brand still receives a good animal rating, indicating that it prioritizes cruelty-free practices and avoids the use of animal-derived materials.

Based on our own research, Little Green Radicals is rated great overall. This rating takes into account the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability, fair labor practices, and its dedication to animal welfare. By choosing Little Green Radicals, consumers can feel confident that they are supporting a brand that aligns with their values and actively works towards a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry.

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