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About Whimsy + Row

Whimsy + Row is a brand that places a strong emphasis on sustainability in their supply chain. They have been rated “Great” in our “Planet” rating, which evaluates brands based on their environmental policies. They use a medium proportion of lower-impact materials, including recycled materials, in their production. This helps to minimize their carbon emissions and reduce their impact on the planet.

In addition to using sustainable materials, Whimsy + Row also takes steps to minimize waste. They limit their production runs, ensuring that they only produce what is needed. By doing so, they avoid overproduction and reduce the amount of waste generated. This commitment to minimizing waste is commendable and contributes to their high rating in the “Planet” category.

Another factor that influences their rating is the longevity of their products. Whimsy + Row produces long-lasting items, which means that customers can enjoy their garments for a longer period of time. This is important in reducing the overall environmental impact of the fashion industry, as it decreases the need for constant production and consumption.

When it comes to packaging, Whimsy + Row also takes steps to minimize their environmental footprint. They use recycled packaging materials, which helps to reduce the demand for new resources. This commitment to sustainable packaging is an important aspect of their overall sustainability practices.

One notable practice of Whimsy + Row is their recycling of water. They have implemented measures to reduce the water use in their supply chain by recycling water. This is crucial in conserving water resources, especially given the significant amount of water used in the fashion industry. By taking steps to reduce their water consumption, Whimsy + Row demonstrates their commitment to sustainable practices.

Workers’ Rights

Whimsy + Row recognizes the importance of workers’ rights in the fashion industry. In our “People” rating, which assesses brands’ policies and practices related to workers’ rights, Whimsy + Row has been rated as “It’s a Start”. While they have made efforts to prioritize workers’ rights, there are still areas where improvement is needed.

One positive aspect is that most of Whimsy + Row’s final production stage happens in the USA, which is considered a medium risk country for labor abuse. This reduces the chances of unethical labor practices occurring within their supply chain. Additionally, Whimsy + Row makes regular visits to their suppliers, demonstrating their commitment to monitoring and maintaining fair working conditions.

However, there is no evidence that Whimsy + Row has a formal Code of Conduct in place. While they do have a formal statement covering workers’ rights, a Code of Conduct provides clearer guidelines and accountability measures. It is an important tool in ensuring that workers’ rights are protected throughout the supply chain.

Furthermore, there is no evidence to suggest that Whimsy + Row ensures that workers are paid living wages. This is an area where improvement is needed to further prioritize the well-being and livelihood of their workers. Ensuring fair and livable wages is crucial in promoting social justice within the fashion industry.

Animal Welfare

Whimsy + Row’s commitment to animal welfare is reflected in their “Good” rating in our “Animals” category. They have taken steps to ensure the ethical sourcing of materials and have chosen to avoid certain animal-derived products.

One aspect that influences their rating is their use of recycled wool in all of their wool products. This demonstrates their commitment to utilizing sustainable and ethical sources for their materials. By using recycled wool, Whimsy + Row reduces the demand for new wool and avoids supporting practices that may be harmful to animals.

Additionally, there is no evidence to suggest that Whimsy + Row uses leather, down, fur, angora, or exotic animal skin in their products. This indicates their commitment to avoiding materials that may involve animal cruelty or contribute to environmental harm.

However, it does appear that Whimsy + Row uses exotic animal hair in some of their products. While there is no further information available regarding the sourcing and treatment of these materials, it is important for the brand to provide transparency and ensure that ethical practices are in place.

Overall Rating

Based on the information available, Whimsy + Row has been rated as “Good” overall. Their commitment to sustainable materials and practices in their supply chain contributes to their positive rating in the “Planet” category. They also show efforts to prioritize workers’ rights, although improvements can be made in areas such as implementing a formal Code of Conduct and ensuring living wages for workers.

In terms of animal welfare, Whimsy + Row has made commendable choices by using recycled wool and avoiding certain animal-derived materials. However, further transparency regarding the sourcing and treatment of exotic animal hair would strengthen their commitment to animal welfare.

Overall, Whimsy + Row is taking steps in the right direction towards sustainability and ethical practices. With continued improvements, they have the potential to further enhance their impact and become a leader in the fashion industry’s sustainability journey.

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