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Wolf and Zephyr is a brand that takes sustainability seriously. With an environment rating of ‘good’, they are committed to using a high proportion of eco-friendly materials, including recycled materials. This not only reduces their carbon footprint but also helps in minimizing the use of chemicals, water, and wastewater during the production process.

One of the key aspects that sets Wolf and Zephyr apart is their dedication to making products by hand. This approach not only ensures a higher level of quality but also significantly reduces their climate impact. By avoiding mass production techniques, they are able to avoid excessive energy consumption and minimize waste.

When it comes to labor conditions, Wolf and Zephyr are still in the early stages of their journey. Their labor rating is categorized as “it’s a start,” indicating that they have room for improvement. While there isn’t any evidence of them having a formal Code of Conduct, they do have a clear statement that covers workers’ rights. This is a positive step towards ensuring fair treatment and safe working conditions for their employees.

However, one aspect of concern is the sourcing of their final stage of production from countries with a high risk of labor abuse. This raises questions about the ethical practices involved in their supply chain. While they do visit their suppliers regularly, there is no evidence to suggest whether they ensure the payment of a living wage in their supply chain. This is an area that Wolf and Zephyr could focus on to further improve their labor rating.

It is important to note that Wolf and Zephyr’s focus on sustainability extends to animals as well. Their products are generally free of animal materials, which means that they have a minimal impact on animal welfare. However, due to the absence of specific data, it is not applicable to rate their overall impact on animals.

When calculating the overall rating, Wolf and Zephyr’s rating is determined based on their environmental and labor scores only. Taking into account their efforts towards using eco-friendly materials and their commitment to improving labor conditions, they receive a ‘Good’ overall rating.

In conclusion, Wolf and Zephyr is a brand that is making conscious efforts to prioritize sustainability in their production processes. With their focus on eco-friendly materials, handcrafted production, and the acknowledgment of workers’ rights, they are on the right track towards becoming a leader in sustainable fashion. While there is always room for improvement, their ‘Good’ overall rating demonstrates their commitment to making positive changes in the industry.

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