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Big picture: There is a lot of activism on campus, but we need to evaluate how effective it is.

Why it matters: 89% of youth believe they can make a difference on climate change. Students at colleges and universities commit to making a positive impact on the planet and crafting a more promising future. There is, however, a stark disconnect between young people’s passion for helping the planet and their understanding of how to make effective change.

College activist best practices: Explore specific career paths for peers to find meaningful work in the renewable energy sector or in startups that are actively practicing sustainability. Show everyday people how small individual changes, such as reducing red meat consumption, can have an impact. Demands for divestments and recycling programs only go so far.

Bottom line: Activism focuses on short-term problems such as university endowments or common initiatives. These issues have a streamlined pathway for success, but their impact is statistically uncritical.

  1. Politics and Policy

Big picture

  • The GND was founded on the belief that environmental issues are overlooked and underfunded
  • The GND gained traction in 2018, when the Democratic Party took control of the house. 
  • Biden offered support to the GND, but differs on some policies like an immediate ban on all fracking activities. 

Between the lines Biden has been urged to beef up his climate policy platform by climate advocacy groups to deal with the challenges global warming presents. 

Legislative precedents

  • Theodore Roosevelt’s Square Deal prioritized conservation of natural resources, control of corporations and consumer protection. 
  • Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal prioritised relief for poor, economic recovery and financial reform. 
  • Johnson’s Great Society aimed at alleviating social justice and education reform. 

Key talking points

  • It helps secure a sustainable future.
  • Our society needs a paradigm shift towards the clean energy sector, this legislation could be among the last chances to make that happen.
  • The GND is perhaps the encouragement voters need to mitigate the effects of global warming by utilizing the power of voting.

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