Gardening can be as simple as putting a seed in the ground and watering it. But we tend to overcomplicate it. Many get discouraged when plants don’t grow properly. Looking for some quick garden wins? Here are 5 easy edible plants you can grow for all the gardening beginners out there.


If you’re planting inside, pick a spot that gets bright and sunny. Outside, pick a sunny spot too. Tomatoes need as much sun as they can get. In the north, they require six hours of sunlight. In southern areas, you may need some shade in the afternoon to keep them from getting too hot.

Before planting, dig a hole one foot deep in your soil and mix in mulch or compost. Let the soil break down for a week or two. Many gardeners will buy a starter tomato plant from a local nursery to speed up the growing process. Tomatoes can take up 3 months to grow.

Water your tomatoes in the early morning to get them through a hot day. Use about a gallon of water once a week. Let the water sink deep, don’t water the leafy part too much. Cherry tomatoes are also easy to grow!

Pro tip: If you are starting a garden for the first time, start a compost pile.


Basil is a tasty herb that any beginner can handle growing. They require about 6-8 hours of sunlight a day, but can survive in partial sunlight. Basil works well for an indoor garden in small containers or raised beds. Be sure to keep the soil consistently moist. Just make sure you drain it and don’t let it become damp.


Easy edible potato plants

This is a common vegetable, but many people don’t realize how easy it is to grow. You can chop up seed potatoes (like the ones with eyes) and get a potato plant going with little to no effort. They even work indoors!

If you want to do it properly, learn more about how to grow potatoes here.


Peas come in tons of different shapes and sizes. They are packed with good nutrients. They’re also super easy to grow! If you want to grow peas inside, make sure you have about four feet of vertical support for the peas to grow. They can work as an annual crop (harvest and remove) or you can bring them outside as a pollinator for bees!

Learn the step step for growing peas.


Easy edible radish plants

These purple plants require little maintenance. Just soak some seeds in warm water for a couple days and add the seeds one inch deep in some soil. Cover the container with plastic wrap and watch it grow!

Pro tip: When planting seeds, do not bury them too deep in the soil or they will not grow properly.

Any easy edible plants you can grow on this list? I’ll add a few more as the season starts!

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