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You can sometimes encounter climate nonsense, such as the claim that it’s not the carbon dioxide emitted by humanity that is the cause of global warming. It’s always worth correcting these, as one can never have too much common sense. THE LATEST example of denying the impact of CO2 emitted by humanity on climate warming […]
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The rapid proliferation of photovoltaics (commonly solar cells) and electric vehicles is occurring at an extraordinary pace. The primary goal for climate protection remains achievable, as indicated by the International Energy Agency (IEA). The effects of climate change are increasingly palpable. This is evident from the hottest summer period in the history of global measurements, […]
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What is responsible for the flood in Libya that has so far claimed over 5,000 victims? The simplest answer is the Mediterranean hurricane “Daniel.” To reduce the risk of similar disasters in the future, not just in this country, deeper answers must be sought. Such as? There are so many bodies that they don’t even […]
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The scoop Whales accumulate carbon throughout their lifetime and die with it on the ocean floor. So they save around 33 tons of carbon from the atmosphere each.

Why it matters Today, whales number approximately 1.3 million, and conservation efforts to return them to their 4-5 million pre-whaling population could significantly reduce the greenhouse effect by lowering atmospheric carbon dioxide. However, they are constantly at threat of being hunted.

Big picture Recovering the global whale population to even half its original size is no easy feat, but we must do all in our power to multiply whale species’ populations in all of Earth’s oceans. Regardless of whether a high-tech carbon sequestration tool becomes widely available, harnessing the carbon-capturing power of these beautiful creatures will always positively enhance our atmosphere and marine ecosystems.

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