Here’s how to build a message of unity for America in 2021 and beyond…

Biden re-signed the Paris accord this week. Like I wrote about last week the next four years will have major implications about the role of federal governance in climate mitigation.

Here at SR, we don’t endorse politicians but we certainly criticize them. Expect us to watch this administration closely and keep you up-to-date on America’s progress on environment-related issues.

A political fresh start

America gets a fresh start this year. Just like we got a fresh start in 2017. It’s how our nation is built — our government is intentionally intermittent and limited.

We reject monarchy and empire in all its forms. Americans welcome diversity of thought. We celebrate individuality. We demand peaceful transitions of power.

Every 4-8 years, America reshuffles its public servants. I refrain from calling our politicians ‘leaders’, because first and foremost they are servants. And last year I fervently believe they did not lead nor serve us, on either side of the aisle.

Thousands of businesses destroyed, millions of people jobless, billions of dollars in debt. This is the paper trail of an incompetent and misguided government.

But I do not blame one man for the current Western political conversation. Every society gets the government they deserve, and this is the government we asked for. I look to the American people to demand change from the special interest that implodes our ability to properly govern.

A message of unity for President Biden

Mr. President, I hope you will treat your role as POTUS with the American family at the heart of every decision.

These may feel like irregular times, but I’d argue the national consciousness is nothing we have not seen. If anything, life is much of the same. Modern tools have just removed the veil of politeness that protected civility for so long.

Do not focus on the last administration. Do not focus on division. Move forward.

You may be saying, “Hey, wait! We can’t ignore this. We have to punish these people!” The public is fickle and this too will pass. By the end of the year, some new Trump-less political scandal will emerge.

As much as Chuck Schumer wishes, it was not 9/11, and it was not Pearl Harbor. Take a deep breath.

The next four years I look forward to the next four years. Not because I politically support Biden, but because I am optimistic about America’s ideological resilience — including the 75 million + Americans that we so conveniently marginalized for the behavior of 1% of its constituency.

If you want to talk about Trump-hating…

I’m an environment-focused writer. You don’t have to tell me twice what’s wrong with #45 or his base. But I don’t need to fan the flames. I’m ready to shake hands and move forward if they are.

When I set out to de-politicize sustainability that included Trump’s base. I want everyone to have a seat at the sustainability roundtable, and I think everyone is capable.
In fact, it’s important that everyone is involved, because if sustainability fundamentally changes our nation’s economic philosophy, it’s important to hear a wide range of opinions to rule-out radical ideologies.

Let the theme of 2021-2025 be unity. I personally don’t think Biden was, nor is the ‘unity’ candidate — I don’t look for philosophical guidance from my government. Instead, let the theme of 2021-2025 be a message of unity because our communities said so.

When the power pendulum swings it is all too easy to hide behind the crowd and point fingers and name-call. The most productive thing we can do to form a more prosperous Union is not to re-educate, de-program, de-radicalize, or any other Bolshevik-era tactic.

What we should do is find common ground with those we feel most different from.

One thing I’m starting to realize is that Leftists and Conservatives do have one thing in common: they both believe Big Tech has way too much influence over our lives and that some legislative (or social) action is warranted to do something about it.

Instead of arguing over identity politics, let’s make a splash on that.

A reminder about hate

You can not kill hate with hate. You can not create compassion with contempt.

If we alienate, gaslight, and reject the minds and desires of millions of frustrated people — riding them off as demented cult-like simpletons — we foster a community built on hate rather than love.

And our Planet — the beloved Natural world I devote so much of my time protecting — becomes the last priority in times of hate.

I hear the Left talk a lot about tolerance and empathy. Let’s take a lesson from our own playbook, remove vengeance from our hearts, and focus on a steady, healthy recovery. We need a message of unity from our government.

Because, if the power pendulum swings once again (which it will), you don’t want to set any unwanted precedents.

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