Looking to make your travel experiences more eco-friendly? In 2023, various sustainable travel companies can help you do just that. These companies prioritize environmentally conscious practices and offer unique, adventurous trips for the freedom-seeking traveler.

Whether you’re into hiking, exploring new trails, or embarking on ethical escapes, this article will introduce you to 10 top sustainable travel companies that will boost your eco-friendly adventures in 2023.

Key Takeaways

  • These sustainable travel companies prioritize environmental conservation and minimize their environmental impact.
  • They support local communities and indigenous cultures through responsible tourism and community-based projects.
  • They strive to educate travelers about responsible practices and showcase the planet’s beauty.
  • They invest in renewable energy projects and work towards reducing carbon footprints to promote sustainability. 

Sustainable travel is a responsible way of journeying that minimizes harm to the environment, societies, and economies while promoting positive impacts. It involves making mindful choices and considering travel’s environmental, social, and economic effects.

How can Travel Companies Promote Sustainability?

plane parked in an island beach

Travel companies play a crucial role in promoting sustainable travel. By implementing sustainable practices in their company operations, they can lead by example and inspire others to follow suit. This includes adopting eco-friendly policies, reducing single-use plastic and waste, and implementing energy-saving measures.

Furthermore, travel companies can support local communities and economies by partnering with local businesses, employing local guides, and promoting authentic local experiences. This benefits the local people and enriches the travel experience for the traveler, fostering cultural exchange and understanding.

It is also crucial for travel companies to prioritize sustainable accommodation options. By partnering with eco-friendly hotels, lodges, and resorts, travellers can stay in establishments committed to minimizing their environmental impact. Renewable energy use in travel is another important aspect, as it reduces reliance on fossil fuels and helps to create a more sustainable industry.

Top Sustainable Travel Companies in 2023

In 2023, several travel companies are leading the way in responsible and sustainable travel. Intrepid Travel is a company known for its commitment to responsible travel practices and promoting sustainable tourism. They offer many eco-friendly trips that prioritize cultural immersion, support local communities, and minimize their environmental impact.

1.  Gondwana Ecotours

Gondwana Ecotours logo

Named after the ancient supercontinent that gradually split into today’s recognizable land masses, Gondwana Ecotours is on a mission to connect people across continents, one journey at a time.

Operating from New Orleans, this company specializes in creating intimate adventures through small group and private tours, offering exhilarating experiences worldwide.

From thrilling gorilla treks in Rwanda to eco explorations in Patagonia and Mendoza, Gondwana Ecotours brings unique and sustainable adventures to life.

One standout feature of Gondwana is its network of guides residing in the communities visited. This brings unparalleled personal insight, depth, and authenticity to each experience while contributing to the local economy. Furthermore, the company takes serious steps to minimize its carbon footprint through responsible travel practices.

Gondwana’s commitment to sustainability is evident in offsetting over 580 tons of carbon emissions and achieving 100 percent carbon neutrality for its tours since 2021, a distinction verified by the Cooler emissions tracking organization.

2. GreenGetaways

Green Getaways

Green Getaways offers a unique collection of sustainable accommodations in Australia, ranging from glamping to eco resorts, tiny houses, cottages, treehouses, yurts, and 5-star hotels. As a hub for responsible travelers, the platform gathers individuals passionate about exploring conscientiously.

The accommodations featured on GREEN GETAWAYS AUSTRALIA prioritize sustainability through practices like conserving water, energy, and resources and promoting recycling. These efforts benefit the environment and result in cost savings passed on to travellers.

Green Getaways focuses on delicate environments and supports properties’ commitment to environmental management and rehabilitation.

Committed to responsible tourism, Green Getaways highlights accommodations encouraging energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling, and waste management.

The platform also advocates for fairness and dignity, promoting equal treatment for all guests and staff and championing fair wages and workers’ rights. Encouraging transparency, Green Getaways requires listed businesses to share their environmental practices openly, ensuring travelers can make informed choices. 

3. Skyscanner


Skyscanner, the travel booking website, has introduced a new feature this month – an electric and hybrid car rental search filter. This innovation simplifies reserving eco-friendly transportation, aligning with the rising interest in sustainable travel.

As electric charging networks expand across Europe and the US, Skyscanner foresees a surge in the demand for environmentally conscious car rentals. The continent now boasts over 374,000 public charging stations, further supporting this eco-friendly shift.

Notably, Skyscanner’s research indicates Portugal as an economically viable destination for renting electric cars this summer. This new tool builds upon the website’s existing Greener Choices flight filter, launched in 2019, to assist travelers in identifying flights with lower CO2 emissions.

This latest enhancement underlines Skyscanner’s commitment to promoting sustainable travel options for conscientious explorers.

4. ByWay Travel

 ByWay Travel

Byway, a specialist in unhurried travel experiences, is unveiling a novel service catering to flight-free travel for international events. Leading the way is the collaboration with Run for Love, a charitable six-day race scheduled in Croatia this May, dedicated to aiding trafficking victims.

Through the innovative Byway partnership, participants can journey to the race’s starting point entirely by train. Byway’s founder, Cat Jones, who introduced the concept in 2020, envisions this move as a stride toward providing comprehensive A to B flight-free travel solutions throughout Europe, catering to both leisure and business trips. 

5. Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel

Since Responsible Travel‘s establishment in 2001, this company has remained a pioneering force for positive change. Acknowledging their imperfections, they consistently lead through example and champion transformation within the industry.

By endorsing their endeavors and selecting their holidays, travelers proactively contribute to creating a more compassionate and responsible tourism sector that benefits everyone involved.

As a testament to their unwavering devotion, this company contributes a day out for a child from an underprivileged background for every traveler who joins their journeys.

Amid their ongoing efforts to diminish their carbon footprint and combat global warming, travelers also have the opportunity to play a part by opting for fewer flights until low-carbon alternatives become more widely accessible.

6. Seacology


Seacology is taking on a pivotal and urgently required role in safeguarding the profoundly significant yet increasingly imperiled terrestrial and marine ecosystems of islands worldwide.

The organization’s remarkable efforts have earned it well-deserved recognition, including being a finalist for the ORG Impact Awards in the category of Overcoming Climate Change (2021). Moreover, Seacology received the Energy Globe National Award in Sri Lanka (2020), garnered a Nobel Peace Prize nomination (2020), and secured the prestigious United Nations Momentum for Change climate action award (2018). 

So why wait? Join them on their quest for sustainable travel in 2023, and let your wanderlust be fulfilled responsibly with Seacology!

7. Gondwana Tours

Gondwana Tours

When you embark on an adventure with Gondwana Tours, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with nature and responsibly support local communities. 

Specializing in comprehensive African Safaris, the service covers various destinations, including Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Mozambique, Malawi, and Mauritius.

Beyond traditional vehicle-based exploration, they cater to the more active traveller by offering guided kayaking, horse riding, birding, walking, and fishing experiences.

Moreover, they provide specialized photographic safaris under the guidance of highly experienced photographic guides.

Driven by a profound passion for Africa, its people, wildlife, and landscapes, this service is dedicated to introducing individuals to the wonders of this extraordinary continent.

8. ROW Adventures

ROW Adventures

ROW Adventures embraces candid discussions on the environment, climate change, and safeguarding natural resources. Their commitment involves minimizing impact and active involvement with conservation groups and communities.

Aware of travel’s significant carbon contribution, especially air travel, the company values its positive potential. They make thoughtful choices and acknowledge the need for mitigation.

While leading people into wilderness areas impacts those places, sharing them with guests creates advocates for their protection, potentially saving them from threats like dams, mines, or development.

9. Contiki

Contiki, a global travel company, orchestrates over 350 journeys across the globe, with a specialized focus on trips tailored to individuals aged 18 to 35. Demonstrating their commitment to sustainability, Contiki is taking significant steps to offset carbon emissions across their forthcoming trips. This encompassing initiative encompasses meals, lodging, and transportation.

Notably, their contributions will finance forest conservation efforts in Australia and support renewable energy projects in the USA. The company’s dedication extends to utilizing biofuel coaches and providing vegan-friendly menus for travelers. Their overarching goal is to achieve carbon neutrality by January 2022.

10. Sawday’s


Sawday’s, an accommodation provider, is taking action to combat over-tourism by limiting the number of properties it represents in affected areas. The company, which includes Sawday’s, Canopy & Stars, and Paws & Stay, focuses on 13 UK and European destinations experiencing over-tourism. 

This strategy aims to prevent further strain on infrastructure and issues such as second-home dominance, unaffordable housing, overcrowding, and harm to the environment. Sawday’s will stop representing properties in these areas before adding new ones.

Although this may only have a limited impact, the company hopes to inspire other travel businesses to follow suit. Mike Bevens, Sawday’s Managing Director, stresses the importance of sustainable growth and maintaining a healthy balance of visitors in over-tourism-affected regions.

The Future of Sustainable Travel

Looking ahead to the future, the travel industry has set ambitious goals for 2022 and beyond. Many travel companies have committed to becoming carbon neutral or even carbon negative by investing in renewable energy, offsetting carbon emissions, and implementing sustainable travel practices.

Climate action plans are being developed to address the environmental impact of the travel industry and ensure a greener future for all. However, the future of sustainable travel relies not only on the efforts of travel companies but also on the actions of individual travelers.

Travellers can play a vital role in boosting sustainable travel by making conscious choices, such as opting for slow travel, reducing waste, and supporting local communities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the concept of sustainable travel?

Sustainable travel, also known as responsible or eco-friendly travel, refers to the practice of minimizing the negative impact of tourism on the environment, local communities, and cultural heritage while maximizing the benefits for all involved.

How can sustainable travel companies help reduce their carbon footprint?

Sustainable travel companies strive to reduce their carbon footprint by implementing various initiatives. They may use sustainable materials, support local projects around the world, promote conscious travel, and encourage eco-friendly transportation options like trains instead of cars.

What is the significance of sustainable travel policies in businesses?

Sustainable travel policies in businesses play a crucial role in promoting eco-friendly practices among employees and creating a positive impact on the environment. These policies encourage employees to choose sustainable transportation, reduce waste, and support responsible travel choices.

How do sustainable travel companies contribute to local communities?

Sustainable travel companies often collaborate with local communities to ensure the tourism industry benefits everyone involved. They may support local businesses, contribute to community development projects, and promote cultural exchange between travelers and locals.

What is the goal of sustainable travel companies in 2030?

The goal of sustainable travel companies in 2030 is to enhance further their efforts in promoting responsible and regenerative tourism. They aim to reduce environmental impact, protect the planet’s natural resources, and ensure the well-being of local communities.

How can travelers contribute to sustainable travel?

Travelers can contribute to sustainable travel by choosing eco-friendly accommodations, respecting local cultures and traditions, supporting local businesses, minimizing waste generation, and opting for sustainable transportation options.

What is the difference between sustainable and regenerative travel?

While sustainable travel focuses on minimizing negative impacts, the regenerative expedition aims to improve and restore the environment and communities actively. It goes beyond sustainability and focuses on leaving a positive, lasting impact on the places visited.

Are there any other sustainable travel companies that travelers may also like?

Yes, apart from the mentioned companies, travelers may also like to explore B Corp-certified sustainable travel companies, which meet rigorous sustainability standards to ensure a positive impact on the planet and communities.


In conclusion, the future of eco-friendly travel looks promising with the emergence of sustainable travel companies in 2023. These companies strongly emphasize reducing their carbon footprint and promoting environmentally friendly practices.

By making conscious efforts to use renewable energy sources, minimize waste, and support local communities, these companies are setting a new standard for sustainable tourism.

Furthermore, consciously using renewable energy sources, minimizing waste, and supporting offer travelers the opportunity to enjoy unique and immersive experiences while being mindful of their environmental impact.

With the growing awareness and demand for eco-friendly travel options, these sustainable travel companies will likely continue to thrive and inspire others in the industry to adopt more sustainable practices.

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