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AEANCE is a brand that is committed to sustainability and making a positive impact on the environment. With a focus on using eco-friendly materials and reducing its carbon footprint, AEANCE has earned a ‘good’ environment rating. One of the key ways the brand achieves this is by using recycled materials in its products, helping to reduce waste and utilize existing resources.

Another important aspect of AEANCE’s commitment to sustainability is the certification of its fabrics by Bluesign. This certification ensures that the materials used in AEANCE’s products meet stringent environmental and safety standards. By using Bluesign certified fabrics, AEANCE is taking steps to minimize the impact of its production processes on the environment.

While AEANCE is doing well in terms of its environmental impact, there are areas where the brand has room for improvement. For example, there is currently no evidence to suggest that AEANCE actively minimizes textile waste during the manufacturing process. Implementing strategies and practices to reduce waste could further enhance the brand’s sustainability efforts.

One of the ways AEANCE reduces its carbon footprint is by manufacturing its products locally. By producing its garments in close proximity to its target markets, AEANCE is able to minimize transportation emissions and reduce the overall environmental impact of its supply chain. This commitment to local manufacturing is a positive step towards becoming a more sustainable brand.

In terms of labor practices, AEANCE has a mixed rating. While its labor rating is ‘it’s a start,’ indicating that there is still work to be done, AEANCE does trace most of its supply chain. This transparency allows for greater accountability and ensures that workers throughout the supply chain are treated fairly and ethically.

Unfortunately, there is currently no evidence to suggest that AEANCE has a Code of Conduct in place. A Code of Conduct would outline the brand’s commitment to fair labor practices and establish guidelines for suppliers and manufacturing partners to follow. Implementing a Code of Conduct would be a positive step towards improving labor conditions and ensuring ethical practices throughout AEANCE’s supply chain.

In terms of animal welfare, AEANCE has a ‘good’ animal rating. The brand does not use fur, leather, down, exotic animal skin, exotic animal hair, or angora. Furthermore, AEANCE uses wool that is certified by the ZQ Merino label. This certification ensures that the wool used by AEANCE comes from farms that prioritize animal welfare and meet rigorous standards.

Overall, AEANCE is a brand that is making strides towards sustainability. With a ‘good’ overall rating, AEANCE is committed to using eco-friendly materials, reducing its carbon footprint, and ensuring the welfare of animals. While there are areas where the brand can improve, such as minimizing textile waste and implementing a Code of Conduct, AEANCE’s efforts towards sustainability are commendable.

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