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Is Honest Basics Truly Sustainable?

Honest Basics is a sustainability-focused brand making progress in practices. GOTS certification guarantees responsible practices from cotton farming to processing.

This decision reduces their impact and lowers chemical, water, and wastewater use in production. Although proof of reduced textile waste is lacking, Honest Basics shows a strong commitment to the environment.

How They Started

Honest Basics was born from a simple question: Why is it hard to find stylish, sustainable basics at affordable prices? Their goal is to make sustainable fashion accessible to everyone without high costs, focusing on quality essentials. They’re committed to improving the sustainability of their products and supply chain.

The team, with backgrounds in fashion and marketing, shifted from fast fashion to do things differently. They aim to increase diversity in their brand, including various races, nationalities, LGBTQ+ representation, and diverse faces on their platforms.

Their mission is to offer sustainable fashion for all, lead industry change, and maintain transparency, positivity, and trustworthiness.

Sustainable Materials

In the face of a significant climate crisis, Honest Basics has taken strides to minimize its environmental impact. The brand prioritizes the use of sustainable materials, particularly organic cotton, which requires no herbicides, pesticides, and significantly less water for cultivation compared to conventional cotton. 

Moreover, all their products are GOTS-certified “organic,” ensuring that environmental impact is reduced throughout the production process, with strict checks and certifications at each stage. 

This commitment extends to avoiding hazardous chemicals used in fabric production and forgoing practices like enzyme washes, making their products environmentally friendly and gentle on the skin. 

Honest Basics is actively engaged in discussions to compensate for any remaining environmental impact, aiming to achieve complete climate neutrality

Labor Standards

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Honest Basics ensures fair and clear production by getting help from the Honest Agency in Bangladesh and India. This agency is connected to Honest Basics and uses its experience in the fashion industry and knowledge about sustainability to make sure things are done the right way.

They pick partner-factories in India and Bangladesh based on strict sustainability rules. This includes checking if they have the right certifications, if they talk about being sustainable, and what plans they have for the future. They also visit the factories often to see if everything is good for the workers.

All the partner-factories are GOTS-certified, which means they meet the rules of the International Labour Organization. These rules say no kids or forced labor, no working too much, and the workers can join unions.

Even though some people don’t like Honest Basics making stuff in Bangladesh (or India), they think they’re doing something good. Their partner-factory gives over 5,000 people jobs and helps even more people who are poor and not educated in one of the poorest countries in the world

Vegan Friendly

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In the realm of animal ethics, Honest Basics excels with a “great” rating. All their products are vegan, with no animal materials used. Honest Basics serves those who seek ethical, eco-friendly choices for animals and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Honest Basics, and what does the brand stand for?

Honest Basics is a fashion brand dedicated to providing affordable, sustainable, and stylish basics. The brand stands for making eco-friendly clothing accessible to everyone, focusing on quality essentials without high price tags.

How does Honest Basics ensure the sustainability of its products and supply chain?

Honest Basics ensures sustainability by using sustainable materials like organic cotton, visiting partner-factories to confirm good working conditions, and obtaining GOTS certification. This certification ensures adherence to international labor and environmental standards.

Where are Honest Basics products manufactured, and what are the criteria for selecting partner-factories?

Honest Basics manufactures its products in India and Bangladesh, selecting partner-factories based on sustainability criteria like certifications, communication about sustainability, and future plans.

What is GOTS certification, and how does it relate to Honest Basics’ products?

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification is a rigorous standard for organic textiles. All Honest Basics products are GOTS-certified, which means they meet strict environmental and labor standards, such as prohibiting child and forced labor.

Can you explain the brand’s mission and commitment to making sustainable fashion accessible to everyone?

The brand’s mission is to offer sustainable fashion for all while leading change in the industry. Honest Basics is committed to transparency, positivity, and trustworthiness in its approach, ensuring sustainable fashion is affordable and accessible.

How does Honest Basics address concerns about production in countries like Bangladesh and India?

Honest Basics addresses concerns about production in countries like Bangladesh and India by emphasizing the positive impact its operations have on thousands of impoverished people, offering safe working environments and stable incomes. They believe they are helping the factory workers and their communities.


Is Honest Basics sustainable Truly,Honest Basics is dedicated to sustainability. Although their environmental rating is in the early stages, their use of eco-friendly materials, like GOTS cotton, is a step in the right direction.

These materials reduce their environmental impact, with fewer harmful chemicals and water used. Their labor practices, certified by GOTS and involving personal inspections of final-stage suppliers, are commendable.

Yet, there’s room for improvement in ensuring fair wages for workers. Lastly, their strong commitment to being aligns perfectly with the growing demand for ethical and animal-friendly choices.

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