Charli Cohen

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Location: United Kingdom

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Charli Cohen, a sustainable fashion brand, has been evaluated and given a “Good” rating in our “Planet” category. This rating is based on the brand’s environmental policies within its supply chains. Charli Cohen uses a medium proportion of lower-impact materials, which contributes positively to its score. The brand, however, lacks evidence of taking further action to reduce energy use or greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, Charli Cohen minimizes waste by limiting its production runs.

When it comes to the “People” rating, which assesses brands’ policies and practices regarding workers’ rights, Charli Cohen falls short with a “Not Good Enough” rating. The brand lacks evidence of having a Code of Conduct in place. Although it traces its supply chain, including the final and some of the second production stages, there is no evidence that it ensures workers are paid living wages. Gender equality is also not addressed in its policies and practices.

Our “Animals” rating focuses on brands’ animal welfare policies and the traceability of their animal-derived products, if applicable. In this category, Charli Cohen receives a “Good” rating. While the brand doesn’t appear to use animal-derived materials, it also doesn’t claim to be a vegan brand.

Overall, based on all publicly available information we’ve reviewed, Charli Cohen receives a “Good” rating. The brand demonstrates a commitment to using lower-impact materials and has positive policies regarding animal welfare. However, improvements are needed in areas such as energy use reduction, greenhouse gas emissions, workers’ rights, and ensuring living wages are paid within the supply chain.

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