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Cleobella, a brand that focuses on sustainability, has been rated as “Good” in terms of its environmental policies in the supply chain. The brand prioritizes using lower-impact materials, such as organic cotton, and also takes measures to minimize waste by reusing textile offcuts. Cleobella is committed to using recycled packaging and incorporates low-impact dyes in some of its products. These efforts contribute to its positive environmental rating.

The brand also places importance on the rights of workers, receiving an “It’s a Start” rating in terms of its people policies and practices. Cleobella’s Code of Conduct aligns with the ILO Four Fundamental Freedoms principles, demonstrating its commitment to workers’ rights. The brand traces most of its supply chain; however, there is no evidence indicating that workers are paid living wages. Cleobella claims to conduct audits in some part of its supply chain but does not specify the percentage. There is room for improvement in ensuring fair and livable wages for workers.

When assessing the brand’s animal welfare policies and traceability of animal-derived products, Cleobella receives an “It’s a Start” rating. The brand does not provide evidence of having an animal welfare policy. Although it appears to use leather, it does not seem to utilize wool, down, fur, angora, exotic animal skin, or exotic animal hair. These factors contribute to Cleobella’s animal rating.

Overall, based on the available information, Cleobella receives a rating of “Good.” The brand demonstrates a commitment to sustainability through its use of lower-impact materials, waste minimization efforts, and the incorporation of recycled packaging. However, it can further improve by ensuring fair wages for workers and implementing animal welfare policies.

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