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This article focuses on Ethletic, a brand that is dedicated to sustainability in the fashion industry. Ethletic has been rated as ‘It’s a start’ in terms of its environmental practices. One of the key aspects of its sustainability efforts is the use of a high proportion of eco-friendly materials, including organic cotton. By using these materials, Ethletic reduces its climate impact and limits the amount of chemicals, water, and wastewater used in production.

However, there is no evidence to suggest that Ethletic is actively minimizing textile waste or taking specific steps to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. While the use of eco-friendly materials is commendable, there is still room for improvement in other areas of environmental sustainability.

In terms of labor practices, Ethletic has been rated as ‘Good’. While there is no evidence of a formal Code of Conduct, the brand does have a formal statement that covers workers’ rights. Ethletic sources its final stage of production from countries that are at a high risk of labor abuse. This highlights the brand’s commitment to transparency and ethical sourcing practices.

Furthermore, Ethletic traces all of its supply chain, ensuring that it has full visibility into the production process. This is a crucial step in ensuring accountability and addressing any potential labor or environmental issues that may arise. The brand also ensures the payment of a living wage in its supply chain, although the exact percentage is not specified.

To further uphold its commitment to labor rights, Ethletic conducts audits in most of its supply chain. These audits help identify any non-compliance issues and provide an opportunity for improvement. By actively monitoring its supply chain, Ethletic demonstrates its dedication to fair labor practices.

When it comes to animal welfare, Ethletic has been rated as ‘Great’. The brand is listed by PETA as vegan, meaning it does not use any animal-derived materials or participate in practices that harm animals. This commitment to cruelty-free fashion is commendable and resonates with consumers who prioritize ethical and sustainable choices.

Overall, Ethletic has been rated as ‘Good’ in terms of its sustainability efforts. While the brand has made strides in using eco-friendly materials, ensuring fair labor practices, and promoting animal welfare, there are still areas for improvement. Specifically, Ethletic could focus on minimizing textile waste, reducing energy use, and further diversifying its supply chain to mitigate the risk of labor abuse.

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