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Goddess Gear: Eco-Friendly Fashion for a Sustainable You

Are you an eco-conscious fashion enthusiast looking for the perfect brand to match your values? Look no further than Goddess Gear. With an admirable “Good” rating for its environmental efforts, this brand is gaining recognition in the world of sustainable fashion. Let’s explore what sets Goddess Gear apart and why it’s the ideal choice for environmentally mindful shoppers.

Goddess Gear: Crafting Sustainable Women’s Apparel

Goddess Gear offers a collection of comfy, everyday women’s clothing made from natural and organic materials. Their designs are versatile, ensuring you look great and feel comfortable while also caring for the planet.

The Designer’s Mission

The creator is dedicated to crafting timeless and flexible styles that cater to ethical fashion enthusiasts. Goddess Gear, an independent, woman-owned business, has held these values close for a quarter of a century. Their main focus is on producing quality, sustainable products while maintaining ethical business practices.

From Colorado with Love

Goddess Gear calls Colorado home, where they design, cut, and sew their clothing. They craft their apparel in small batches, either in their downtown Longmont studio or with a nearby production partner in Denver. 

This hands-on approach allows them to oversee every step, from design and pattern-making to the final garment. The result? Quality products, less waste, and support for skilled local labor.

Eco-Conscious Materials: Paving the Way to Sustainability

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Organic Cotton Embrace 

Goddess Gear prides itself on using eco-friendly materials, with a significant portion of its products crafted from lower-impact options like organic cotton. This deliberate choice reduces the use of harmful chemicals, conserves water, and minimizes wastewater in the supply chain. 

It’s a clear demonstration of their commitment to greener practices, and a top choice for those who prioritize sustainability. The implications are striking:

  • Reduced Chemical Usage: By choosing sustainable materials, they significantly decrease the use of harmful chemicals in production, preserving both the environment and human health.
  • Water Wisdom: Sustainability involves not just what goes into your clothing but also what doesn’t. Their choice of eco-friendly materials conserves water, diminishing the need for excessive irrigation and reducing wastewater in their supply chain.

Mindful Production: Waste Reduction as a Way of Life

Waste reduction is a core practice at Goddess Gear. They maintain tight control over production runs, only creating what’s needed. This strategy avoids excess inventory and minimizes waste, a crucial aspect of responsible production and sustainability. Their commitment to limiting waste is a cornerstone of their eco-conscious approach.

Eco-Friendly Miles: Shortening the Journey to Sustainability 

Long-distance shipping can affect our planet’s health. Goddess Gear has addressed this head-on by manufacturing its products closer to home. Their strategic move minimizes the carbon emissions associated with long-distance transportation. It reflects their commitment to a greener world and a reduced environmental impact.

Championing Workers’ Rights: A Path to Progress

  • “It’s a Start” Rating: In their pursuit of perfection, Goddess Gear recognizes the need for growth in workers’ rights. 
  • Comprehensive Code of Conduct: To ensure equitable treatment of workers, a robust Code of Conduct is pivotal, mainly since the final production stage occurs in the USA, a medium-risk country for labor issues.
  • Living Wages: While there’s room for improvement in this aspect, it’s essential for ethical and sustainable fashion. Their regular supplier visits indicate a commitment to transparency and accountability.

Kindness to Creatures: Nurturing Animal Welfare

“Good” Rating: Their dedication to animal welfare deserves applause. Although they might not label themselves vegan, their avoidance of animal-derived materials speaks volumes about their commitment to sustainable fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Goddess Gear a sustainable brand?

Yes, Goddess Gear is dedicated to sustainability. They prioritize using eco-friendly, natural, and organic fabrics in their clothing. They reduce waste and reduce their carbon footprint by producing in small batches and supporting local labor. Their commitment to sustainability is further demonstrated through their ethical business practices.

What is Goddess Gear’s specialty?

Goddess Gear crafts eco-conscious, casual women’s apparel using natural and organic fabrics. Their designs are both comfortable and stylish, suitable for various seasons.

How long has Goddess Gear been in business?

Goddess Gear is proud to have been an independent, woman-owned business for 25 years.

Where is Goddess Gear’s clothing produced?

Goddess Gear designs, cuts, and sews their clothing in Colorado. They create their apparel in small batches in their studio in downtown Longmont or with a nearby production partner in Denver.

What are the guiding principles of Goddess Gear?

Goddess Gear’s guiding principles are centered around producing quality products, adhering to sustainable practices, and maintaining ethical business standards.

How does Goddess Gear contribute to sustainability?

Goddess Gear contributes to sustainability by using natural and organic fabrics in their clothing, creating products in small batches to reduce waste, and supporting skilled local labor.

Is Goddess Gear’s clothing versatile for different occasions?

Absolutely! Goddess Gear focuses on creating versatile and timeless styles that can be worn for various occasions. Their clothing is designed to be both fashionable and comfortable.

Does Goddess Gear follow ethical practices?

Yes, Goddess Gear is committed to ethical business practices and ensures that their products are ethically made.

Is Goddess Gear’s clothing suitable for all seasons?

Yes, Goddess Gear offers clothing that is both cool and cozy, depending on the season. Their designs are suitable for year-round wear


Goddess Gear’s comprehensive “Good” rating underscores their unwavering commitment to sustainability, environmental consciousness, and animal welfare. By choosing Goddess Gear, you’re not just making a fashion statement; you’re endorsing a more sustainable fashion industry. It’s time to look good and feel fantastic about your choices – Goddess Gear is the way to go!

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