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Meet Parade: The Eco-Fashion Icon

Meet Parade, the fashion brand that’s setting a new standard for eco-conscious style. With a strong commitment to both the environment and fair labor practices, Parade is making waves in the industry. Their ‘good’ eco-rating, emphasis on eco-friendly materials, and dedication to ethical production practices are making them a standout in the world of sustainable fashion. 

In this spotlight, we’ll take a closer look at what sets Parade apart and why their mission matters in the broader context of the fashion industry. Join us on a journey to discover how Parade is paving the way for a greener and more responsible fashion future. 

Dressing Comfortably and Consciously: Parade’s Mission

Parade’s mission revolves around the idea that clothes should be incredibly comfortable, no matter the destination. Their clothing line boasts a diverse range of fabrics, from the seamless Universal for that sleek, under-the-clothes appearance to the cozy comfort of Cozy Waffle. Parade ensures that they’ve got something for every occasion.

In the spirit of inclusivity, Parade champions the belief that everyone should have the freedom to express themselves, regardless of who they are. Their core mission is to make the Parade as inviting as possible, embracing the unique diversity of their community. 

Moreover, Parade values feedback from their customers, always looking to broaden their size and gender options.They are passionately dedicated to the environment. 

Their objective is to create products using materials that are not only kind to the Earth but also responsibly sourced, reclaimed, recycled, renewable, or regenerative. They even release limited-edition collections, producing more only if the demand arises.

Eco-Friendly Materials: A Game Changer

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Parade is dedicated to selecting genuinely eco-friendly materials, not just for appearances. Currently, 80%-95% of their products are crafted from recycled materials, with a goal to reach 100% by 2024. They are also transitioning to bio-based and renewable sources for materials such as elastane and spandex.

Parade shines with a ‘good’ eco-rating. They’re all about eco-friendly materials, including recycled ones, making fashion greener. It’s a win for the environment by cutting down on chemicals and water use during production.

The Energy and Emissions Challenge

They’re also on a mission to minimize their footprint and offset emissions with high-quality projects linked to their supply chain. In 2022, Parade started collaborating with their factories to transition to more sustainable practices, which will reduce their footprint and benefit every brand they work with.

Their roadmap is all about cutting down Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions as much as possible, and when needed, partnering with top-notch offset initiatives. In 2022, their efforts resulted in a 19% reduction in overall CO2 and a 36% reduction per product.

Navigating Labor Practices

Parade cares about workers and the planet. They rate their factories based on their eco and ethical practices, with top marks for those certified by WRAP, SA8000, or Fairtrade. 

Every factory they collaborate with must commit to Parade’s Supplier Code of Business Integrity, ensuring fair wages that meet the Global Living Wage Standard for their workers. It’s all about treating people right and being kind to the Earth. 

A Look at Animal Impact

The parade’s animal-friendly, except for a bit of silk. They landed an overall ‘Good’ score for their eco and labor efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Parade known for in the fashion industry?

Parade is renowned for its eco-conscious approach to fashion, offering a wide range of comfortable and inclusive clothing made from eco-friendly materials.

Is Parade a sustainable brand?

Parade makes its products from materials like recycled, renewable, and reclaimed sources. They are dedicated to reducing their environmental impact and have set ambitious goals to achieve 100% eco-friendly materials by 2024.

What sizes and gender options are available in Parade’s clothing line?

Parade is all about inclusivity and offers diverse sizing options and gender-inclusive choices to ensure everyone can express themselves authentically.

Does Parade have a recycling program?

Yes, Parade has a recycling program called Second Life, where they recycle underwear, including those from other brands, promoting a sustainable approach to clothing disposal.

How does Parade reduce its environmental footprint?

Parade reduces its footprint by minimizing packaging, making it biodegradable or recyclable for customers, and by offsetting its environmental impact through high-quality projects connected to its supply chain.

What are Parade’s future sustainability goals?

Parade is actively working to transition their factories to more sustainable practices, aiming to reduce their overall footprint and collaborating on high-quality offset projects. They are committed to becoming carbon-positive by 2025.

The Bigger Picture

Parade has really kicked things off with their eco-friendly materials and commitment to transparent supply chains, earning them applause in the fashion arena. When we choose brands like Parade, we’re saying “yes” to a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry

Parade’s ‘Good’ score is just the beginning of their journey toward a greener fashion world, and we’re here for the ride. 

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