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Savannah Morrow The Label’s Green Game

Curious about what sets Savannah Morrow The Label apart from the rest? Well, they’re no ordinary fashion brand. While they’ve certainly mastered the art of style, their true distinction lies in their pioneering efforts to revolutionize sustainability. 

Beyond their fashionable designs, they’re passionately dedicated to reshaping the fashion landscape into a greener, more eco-conscious space. 

Savannah’s Journey: Fashioning a Sustainable Future

Savannah, hailing from Australia’s coastal beauty, found her roots in nature. Her childhood fascination with clothing transformed into a deep passion for expressing creativity through fashion. 

As an adult, she faced a dilemma: how to harmonize her love for fashion with her love for nature. Out of this tension, Savannah Morrow’s brand was born in 2017. It all began with a simple question: How can fashion be kinder to the planet? 

Her initial collections provided the answer, featuring handmade, eco-friendly designs crafted from natural materials. The SM team tirelessly seeks sustainable fabrics woven by local artisans, striving to reduce and eventually reverse fashion’s environmental impact. 

The question has evolved today: How can fashion help regenerate our environment? Each new Savannah Morrow collection strives to offer a fresh response to this challenge.

Growing Sustainably: Navigating Change While Staying True to Values

In their mission to reach more people while staying true to their values, they’re honored to grow sustainably. With growth, their needs change. They’ve shifted from 100% hand-loomed to 70% hand-loomed fabrics to support their increased scale. 

They invest time and effort in every step to ensure that new partners share their values and contribute to sustainable and regenerative progress in all aspects of their work. As they grow, their commitment remains unwavering. They tirelessly seek ways not only to decrease their environmental impact but also contribute to its regeneration in the future. 

The People Rating: Putting Workers First

Savannah Morrow The Label is serious about caring for its workers. They get an “It’s a Start” rating in our “People” category. They’ve got a Code of Conduct that checks all the right boxes for workers’ rights, like no child labor and gender equality. 

But there’s no clear evidence that everyone in their supply chain earns a living wage. Plus, some of their final production happens outside the USA, which could be a medium risk for worker abuse. Still, they’re being pretty transparent about their supply chain, and that’s good.

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The Animals Rating: They Love the Furry and Feathery

When it comes to the critters, Savannah Morrow The Label gets a big thumbs up with a “Good” rating for their animal welfare policies. They’re keeping it real by not using stuff like leather, wool, fur, and all that. And if they’re using silk, they’re telling us where it’s coming from. So, they’re pretty much in the clear on the animal front.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Savannah Morrow The Label sustainable, and what’s their approach to sustainability?

Yes.The brand’s approach centers on responsible practices throughout production. They utilize eco-friendly materials, collaborate with local artisans, and prioritize natural dyeing processes.

How does the brand ensure ethical working conditions for its artisans?

Regular visits to artisan partners help ensure fair wages and safe working conditions. The brand also collaborates on sustainability projects, such as tree planting to offset carbon emissions.

What steps are taken to reduce waste in their production process?

Waste reduction involves creative solutions like repurposing fabric scraps for smaller products like scrunchies and tote bags. Additionally, the design of versatile pieces that can be worn in multiple ways minimizes waste.

What is the brand’s stance on animal welfare and materials like leather and fur?

The brand is firmly committed to cruelty-free fashion, abstaining from any animal-derived materials. Their primary focus lies in exploring innovative and sustainable alternatives.

How does Savannah Morrow The Label contribute to environmental regeneration?

The brand’s dedication to environmental regeneration involves activities such as tree planting, engagement in clean-up initiatives, and investment in eco-friendly packaging to reduce their environmental impact.

Are their products shipped in eco-friendly packaging?

Yes, the brand utilizes recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials. Furthermore, they actively encourage their customers to either reuse or recycle the packaging.

Does the brand have any upcoming initiatives for enhancing sustainability?

Savannah Morrow The Label is currently researching and investing in new eco-friendly materials and practices, including water-saving dyeing techniques and innovative circular fashion concepts, to further their mission of sustainability.


So, after digging into all of this, we’d say Savannah Morrow The Label is off to a pretty good start. We give them an “It’s a Start” rating overall. They’re definitely committed to being more eco-friendly and treating workers and animals right.

But, they’ve got some areas where they could do better, like cutting down on waste and making sure everyone in the supply chain gets a fair shake. With a bit more effort, these guys could really lead the way in the sustainable fashion world.

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