Welcome to Oceanworks, a dedicated organization committed to discovering innovative solutions for recycling ocean plastic. In the face of the devastating consequences of plastic pollution worldwide, they advocate for action to diminish plastic waste and safeguard the Earth’s oceans.

Oceanworks offers a platform for sustainable brands to actively engage in the battle against plastic pollution and contribute to resolving this critical issue. 

A Mission to Reduce Plastic Waste in the World’s Oceans

Understanding the Urgency

The urgency of reducing plastic waste in the world’s oceans cannot be overstated. Our oceans, teeming with diverse marine life and essential to the health of our planet, are under severe threat from the accumulation of plastic waste. Alarming statistics highlights this urgency:

  1. Staggering Volume of Ocean Plastic: Approximately 8 million tons of plastic annually enter the oceans. As reported, researchers have detected plastic originating from various regions, including Russia, the United States, Europe, South America, Japan, and China, on Henderson Island. This remote and uninhabited atoll is approximately halfway between Chile and New Zealand.
  2. Marine Ecosystems at Risk: Ocean-bound plastic poses a severe threat to marine ecosystems, causing harm to marine animals through ingestion and entanglement. The health of these ecosystems directly affects our planet’s overall well-being.
  3. Global Plastic Crisis: Plastic pollution is not limited to any specific region; it’s a global crisis. Coastal regions worldwide contribute significantly to this problem due to mismanaged plastic waste in landfills and littering, eventually reaching the ocean through rivers and water channels.

The Global Impact of Ocean-Bound Plastic

The detrimental effects of ocean-bound plastic are far-reaching and have garnered the attention of scientists, environmentalists, and organizations dedicated to conservation:

  1. Microplastics Contamination: As ocean-bound plastics break down into smaller particles, they become microplastics. These tiny particles, measuring less than 5mm in size, are harmful to marine life and can infiltrate the food chain, posing risks to human health.
  2. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch: A glaring example of ocean plastic pollution is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an immense accumulation of floating plastic debris. It’s estimated to be twice the size of Texas, underscoring the scale of the problem.

The Role of Oceanworks in Tackling Plastic Pollution

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In the face of this environmental crisis, Oceanworks emerges as a significant player in combating plastic pollution:

  1. Pioneer in Plastic Action: Oceanworks is at the forefront of the global effort to combat ocean-bound plastic. Their comprehensive approach encompasses collecting, processing, and transforming ocean-bound plastics into valuable resources.
  2. Collaborating for Real Change: Oceanworks collaborates with various stakeholders, including brands, manufacturers, and local communities, to create a collective force for real change. Their focus on transparency and accountability ensures that efforts are aligned toward a common goal.
  3. Empowering Sustainable Practices: Oceanworks empowers brands and manufacturers to make responsible choices by offering sustainable sourcing options. Their commitment to transparency and accountability guarantees that materials are sourced ethically and environmentally responsibly.

Addressing the Plastic Pollution Problem

Plastic pollution has become a major environmental issue, with millions of tons of plastic entering the ocean each year. This mismanaged plastic waste threatens marine life and ecosystems, and we must find ways to combat this problem.

 One of the ways Oceanworks is tackling the plastic pollution problem is by diverting ocean-bound plastic from entering the ocean. By creating a circular economy for plastic, we can recycle ocean plastic and turn it into valuable recycled materials. This approach not only reduces the harmful impact of plastic waste on the environment but also conserves natural resources by reusing existing materials

The Oceanworks Solution

Oceanworks provides a transparent and sustainable supply chain for recycled plastic. We work with brands to reduce their plastic footprint and ensure that their plastic materials come from recycled sources. 

With the Oceanworks guaranteed seal, brands can be confident that the plastic used in their products is recycled and not virgin plastic. This helps to meet the growing demand for recycled materials and reduces the reliance on new plastic production.

Collaborating with Brands to Take Action

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At Oceanworks, the organization believes that addressing plastic pollution necessitates a collaborative approach beyond individual entities. This approach involves the active participation of brands, consumers, and governments to enact meaningful change.

Oceanworks facilitates and simplifies the process for brands to engage in the fight against plastic pollution. Their comprehensive plastic action platform serves as a bridge, connecting brands with solutions involving recycled ocean plastic and aiding them in minimizing their plastic footprint.

Through collaboration with Oceanworks, brands have the opportunity to demonstrate their dedication to sustainability and play a vital role in promoting a cleaner and healthier ocean environment. 

Creating a Sustainable Future

The mission at Oceanworks extends beyond mere plastic recycling; it encompasses the broader objective of forging a sustainable future where plastic ceases to be categorized as waste.

Through the recycling and repurposing of plastic materials, Oceanworks actively contributes to prolonging the utility of plastic, thereby mitigating the necessity for new production. This sustainable approach serves to conserve valuable resources and diminish the environmental footprint associated with plastic.

Join the Oceanworks Movement

The issue of ocean plastic pollution is multifaceted, but collective efforts can bring about change. For those seeking to minimize their plastic impact, whether as a brand or an individual, Oceanworks offers its support.

Numerous sustainable brands have already committed to addressing plastic pollution and contributing to a more pristine and thriving ocean. By uniting, we can safeguard the oceans’ beauty and biodiversity for future generations. 

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