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Fabrik, a sustainable brand that focuses on minimizing textile waste, has achieved a ‘good’ environment rating. One of the key practices that sets Fabrik apart is its ability to reuse all of its offcuts, ensuring that no materials go to waste. By doing so, Fabrik contributes to the reduction of textile waste, a significant environmental concern.

Moreover, Fabrik takes a step further in promoting environmental sustainability by using low impact non-toxic dyes in all of its products. This conscious choice not only minimizes the release of harmful chemicals into the environment but also ensures that the garments are safe for the consumers to wear.

Another aspect of Fabrik’s commitment to sustainability lies in its packaging. The brand utilizes reusable packaging, reducing the need for single-use materials and contributing to a more circular approach. This not only minimizes waste but also encourages consumers to adopt more sustainable practices by reusing the packaging themselves.

While Fabrik’s environment rating is commendable, there is room for improvement in its labor practices. Currently, Fabrik’s labor rating stands at ‘it’s a start.’ While the brand does not provide evidence of having a Code of Conduct in place, it does have a formal statement that covers workers’ rights. This ensures that employees are offered a fair working environment and their basic rights are protected.

However, one area of concern is the sourcing of the final stage of production from countries with extreme risks of labor abuse. While Fabrik traces most of its supply chain, including the final stage of production, it is advisable for the brand to ensure that its sourcing practices align with its commitment to fair labor standards. By mitigating the risks involved in such countries, Fabrik can further enhance its labor rating.

Additionally, while there is no evidence that Fabrik ensures the payment of a living wage in its supply chain, the brand’s efforts in regularly visiting its suppliers demonstrate a level of commitment to transparency and accountability. These visits enable Fabrik to gain more insight into the working conditions and further foster positive relationships with its suppliers.

Turning our attention to Fabrik’s animal rating, we find that it is rated as ‘good.’ One of Fabrik’s distinguishing features is its decision to not use any animal products in its garments. By consciously avoiding the use of animal materials, Fabrik aligns with ethical principles and caters to the growing demand for animal-friendly fashion.

While Fabrik’s commitment to sustainability is evident, it is important to note that the brand does not explicitly state that it is vegan. While this may not directly affect their animal rating, providing clarity on this aspect can help consumers make more informed choices and support brands that align with their values.

In conclusion, Fabrik deserves acknowledgment for the steps it has taken towards sustainability. With its commendable environment rating, focus on minimizing textile waste through reusing offcuts, and use of low impact non-toxic dyes, Fabrik sets a positive example for other brands in the industry.

However, there is room for improvement in their labor practices, particularly in addressing the risks associated with sourcing from countries with extreme labor abuse. By ensuring the payment of a living wage and adopting more proactive measures, Fabrik can elevate its labor rating.

Overall, Fabrik’s commitment to sustainability combined with its focus on ethical practices in both environmental and animal aspects sets a solid foundation for the brand’s future growth and continued positive impact.

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