Sustainability has become an increasingly important topic in today’s world. If you want to educate yourself on the subject, podcasts are a great way to gain insights and stay informed. This article will highlight the top 10 podcasts that cover a wide range of sustainable practices, from eco-friendly living to climate change solutions. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these podcasts will provide valuable information and inspire positive action toward a more sustainable future. 

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Key Takeaways

  • GreenBiz 350, Green Dreamer, Hardware to Save a Planet, Sustainability Leaders, and Sustainability Agenda are some of the top sustainability podcasts available.
  • Environmental conservation is crucial and involves protecting ecosystems, reducing pollution, utilizing renewable energy sources, and maintaining biodiversity.
  • Social equity is essential to sustainability, focusing on fair treatment, resource accessibility, gender and racial equality, community empowerment, and social justice.
  • Economic stability is achievable through long-term prosperity, minimizing negative environmental impacts, adopting sustainable business practices, implementing circular economy models, and promoting green jobs and economic growth.             

Top 10 Sustainability Podcasts You Need to Follow

With the growing awareness and concern about the state of our planet, sustainability has emerged as a critical topic of discussion. But what exactly is sustainability trends, and why is it so important? Sustainability can be defined as the practice of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It encompasses environmental, social, and economic aspects, aiming to balance these three pillars for the well-being of people and the planet.

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for the best sustainability podcasts to listen to in 2023. Here are the top 10 podcasts that can help you better understand sustainability:

PodcastImportance in Sustainability
GreenBiz 350Offers insights into sustainable business practices and environmental progress, equipping listeners with knowledge for sustainable living and decision-making.
Green DreamerProvides insights into regenerative farming, circular economy, and sustainable community-building, promoting sustainable living.
Hardware to Save a PlanetExplores cutting-edge hardware solutions for sustainability, appealing to environmental enthusiasts and those curious about technological advancements.
Sustainability LeadersOffers valuable knowledge on renewable energy, circular economy, climate change, and more, inspiring action towards a sustainable future. 
Sustainability AgendaExplores sustainability through interviews with leaders, providing insights into environmental conservation, social equity, and economic stability. 
Climate CrisisCovers various aspects of the climate crisis, helping listeners understand sustainability challenges and mitigation strategies.
The Big Switch Focuses on transitioning to renewable energy effectively, providing expert insights on renewable energy adoption and policy frameworks.
AquademiaEducates about water conservation, sustainable fishing, and marine stewardship, preserving marine resources through sustainable practices.
Earth911Offers resources on waste reduction, recycling, and sustainable living, empowering individuals to contribute to a greener world—style
Style and SustainExplores eco-friendly fashion, encouraging conscious consumerism by highlighting sustainable clothing production and design practices.

1. GreenBiz 350

Podcast | Greenbiz

greenbiz podcast thumbnail

‘GreenBiz 350’, hosted by Joel Makower, offers vital insights into sustainable business practices and environmental progress. With interviews featuring experts, it explores sustainability in energy, transportation, and food systems. The podcast emphasizes how businesses can integrate sustainability while staying profitable and addresses pressing environmental issues. With well-researched content and real-world examples, ‘GreenBiz 350’ equips listeners with the knowledge to make informed decisions for sustainable living and professional endeavours. It is a valuable resource for understanding the importance of sustainability in today’s world.

2. Green Dreamer

GREEN DREAMER: seeding regenerative ideas for a thriving earth to call home

green dreamer podcast logo

Green Dreamer, hosted by Kamea Chayne, inspires action towards a more sustainable future with insights on environmental and social justice topics. 

Noteworthy episodes:

  1. “Regenerating Your Soil” – Guest Speaker: Ron Finley Key Takeaways: Importance of healthy soil for sustainable food systems and regenerating methods.
  2. “Circular Economy Solutions” – Guest Speaker: Ellen MacArthur Key Takeaways: Exploring the concept of a circular economy to reduce waste and resource depletion.
  3. “Building Sustainable Communities” – Guest Speakers: Jay Sinha & Chantal Plamondon

By tuning in to these episodes, you’ll gain insights into regenerative farming, circular economy, and sustainable community-building, deepening your understanding of sustainable living. Green Dreamer provides an informative platform for those passionate about sustainability.   

3. Hardware to Save a Planet

Hardware to Save a Planet

hardware to save a planet podcast

The podcast ‘Hardware to Save a Planet’ focuses on sustainable technology and explores innovative solutions to environmental challenges. It covers various hardware technologies promoting sustainability and protecting the planet. Key topics include:

  • Green energy solutions: Discuss solar power, wind turbines, and geothermal systems to reduce carbon emissions and fossil fuel dependence.
  • Sustainable transportation: Explores electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells to combat air pollution and address climate change.
  • Waste management innovations: Investigates recycling tech, composting methods, and waste-to-energy processes for a circular economy.
  • Sustainable architecture: Discusses eco-friendly designs for energy-efficient buildings.

This podcast offers valuable insights into cutting-edge hardware solutions for sustainability, appealing to environmental enthusiasts and those curious about technological advancements for a greener planet.

4. Sustainability Leaders

Sustainability Leaders podcast | BMO Sustainability Leaders

sustainability leaders podcast

Sustainability thought leaders drive positive environmental change and inspire others toward a sustainable future. Sustainability podcasts offer valuable knowledge on renewable energy, circular economy, climate change, and more. Expert interviews provide insights from those implementing sustainable practices, inspiring individuals to take action for a better world. Explore podcasts to delve deeper into sustainability and contribute to a more sustainable future. Sustainability podcasts offer

5. Sustainability Agenda

The Sustainability Agenda on Apple Podcasts

the sustainability agenda logo

“Sustainability Agenda,” hosted by Fergal Byrne, explores a wide range of sustainability topics through interviews with leaders in the field. To grasp the sustainability agenda, we can focus on three main areas: environmental conservation, social equity, and economic stability.

  • Environmental conservation involves protecting ecosystems, reducing pollution, and promoting renewable energy sources.
  • Social equity ensures fair treatment and access to resources for all individuals and communities, regardless of background.
  • Economic stability aims for long-term prosperity while minimizing negative environmental impacts.

By tuning in, listeners gain insights into innovative solutions and perspectives on critical sustainability issues. Through podcasts like “Sustainability Agenda,” individuals can engage with experts actively working towards a more sustainable future. 

6. Climate Crisis

Podcasts provide a valuable platform for exploring different aspects of the climate crisis, helping listeners understand sustainability challenges and mitigation strategies. They cover topics like renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, carbon reduction, and policy initiatives to combat climate change. 

Additionally, podcasts keep individuals informed about current developments in sustainability, which is crucial for addressing the urgent challenges posed by the climate crisis. These informative resources empower people to take action and contribute to a sustainable future while remaining objective and research-based.

7. The Big Switch

The Big Switch on Apple Podcasts

the big switch podcast thumbnail

Transitioning to renewable energy is crucial for addressing the climate crisis. The Big Switch, a top sustainability podcast hosted by Dr. Melissa Lott, offers valuable insights on making this transition effective.

Dr. Lott’s energy policy and technology expertise explores moving from fossil fuels to renewable sources. Interviews with industry leaders, policymakers, and researchers provide evidence-based research on the benefits and challenges of adopting renewable energy.

The podcast covers solar and wind power advancements, policy frameworks supporting clean energy, and strategies to overcome implementation barriers. Dr. Lott’s objective and informative style ensures accurate and unbiased information, empowering listeners to make informed decisions.

The Big Switch is a standout podcast for understanding sustainability and transitioning to renewable energy sources. It’s an invaluable resource for combating climate change through sustainable practices. Tune in to make a positive impact.

8. Aquademia

Aquademia Podcast – Global Seafood Alliance

aquademia podcast thumbnail including three person

Aquademia is a podcast exploring water conservation, sustainable fishing, and environmental stewardship. It educates listeners on the importance of sustainability for our oceans and freshwater ecosystems. Hosted by the National Fisheries Institute, the podcast features experts discussing aquaculture, seafood sourcing, and marine conservation.

Check out these four episodes of Aquademia:

  1. “The Role of Seafood in Sustainable Diets” with Barton Seaver
  2. “From Farm to Table: A Journey Through Aquaculture” with Bren Smith
  3. “The Importance of Traceability in Seafood” with Beth Lowell
  4. “Saving Our Seas: How Can We Make a Difference?” with Dr. Sylvia Earle

These episodes cover a range of sustainability topics and insights from renowned experts. Listeners can learn about responsible fishing practices, seafood sourcing, and individual actions to preserve marine resources.

Aquademia is a valuable podcast for anyone interested in sustainability, providing research-based content and knowledge to promote sustainability in aquatic environments. Tune in and enhance your understanding of this crucial topic.

9. Earth911

Podcasts Archives – Earth911

Earth911 podcast logo

Earth911, a top sustainability podcast, offers valuable resources on environmental topics like waste reduction, recycling, and sustainable living. It provides in-depth knowledge and insights into pressing ecological issues.

Listeners explore waste reduction and recycling for responsible consumption and disposal. Innovative solutions like composting and upcycling are highlighted to reduce waste. The podcast shares practical tips for adopting eco-friendly habits.With a research-based approach, Earth911 ensures accurate information. Expert interviews offer valuable insights into environmental challenges and solutions.

 10. Style and Sustain

Style & Sustain – The podcast — Style & Sustain Magazine (

style & sustain logo

Style and Sustain, a sustainability podcast, explores eco-friendly clothing production and consumption methods in fashion. It educates and inspires listeners to make more sustainable choices in their wardrobes.

Through expert interviews, the podcast delves into topics like ethical material sourcing, fair trade practices, and waste reduction in the fashion industry. It emphasizes how clothing choices impact the environment and showcases designers who create stylish garments using recycled materials or circular economy principles.

By raising awareness about sustainable fashion, Style and Sustain encourages conscious consumerism. Listeners can make informed decisions while supporting ethical, socially responsible, and environmentally-friendly brands. This podcast is a valuable resource for incorporating sustainable fashion practices into everyday life.

Which are the Best Sustainability Podcasts to Listen to in 2023?

Exploring different podcast formats and styles

Sustainability podcasts include interviews sustainable leaders, panel discussions, storytelling, and educational episodes in various formats. This diversity allows you to find a podcast style that resonates with your preferences and learning style. Some podcasts may focus on personal experiences, while others delve into scientific research or practical tips for sustainability.

Finding podcasts that cover various sustainability topics

The field of sustainability is vast, encompassing topics such as renewable energy, circular economy, sustainable agriculture, sustainable fashion, and more. The top sustainability podcasts 2023 cover a wide range of issues, ensuring something for everyone. Whether you are interested in sustainable business practices, climate change, or the role of technology in sustainability, you can find a podcast that caters to your interests.

Where to find the Most popular Sustainability Podcasts?

Recommended platforms and websites for sustainability podcasts

There are several platforms and websites where you can find the most popular podcast explores sustainability. Popular podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts have dedicated sections for sustainability podcasts, making discovering new shows and episodes easy.

Exploring podcast directories and recommendations

Podcast directories and recommendation websites are also great resources for finding sustainability podcasts. Websites like Podchaser, Chartable, and Stitcher provide curated lists and recommendations based on different genres and categories, including sustainability.

Finding sustainability podcasts that suit your interests

Not all business and sustainability podcasts cover the same topics or have the same style. Finding podcasts that align with your interests and goals is essential. You can explore podcast descriptions, episode titles, and guest lists to understand what each podcast offers and choose ones that resonate with you.


The article highlights 10 best sustainability podcasts that offer valuable insights. These include GreenBiz 350, Green Dreamer, Hardware to Save a Planet, Sustainability Leaders, Sustainability Agenda, The Big Switch, Aquademia, Earth911, and Style and Sustain.

Each podcast provides a unique perspective on sustainable practices and initiatives. By listening to these podcasts, individuals can get inspired, better understand the topic of sustainability a bit and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments. These podcasts are an excellent resource for anyone interested in incorporating sustainability into their personal or professional lives.

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