Fashion is one of the world’s largest industries, but its environmental impact is undeniable. In recent years, a growing demand for sustainable fashion has led many companies to hire sustainability officers to transform their practices. These officers are crucial in implementing eco-friendly initiatives and ensuring brands adopt more sustainable methods throughout their supply chain. In this article, we will explore the top 10 sustainability officers in the fashion industry who are driving positive change and significantly impacting the future of fashion. 

What is a Sustainability Officer?

A sustainability officer, also known as a chief sustainability officer (CSO) or sustainability leader, is responsible for driving sustainable practices within an organization. Their primary role is to develop and implement a sustainability strategy that aligns with the company’s overall business strategy. They work closely with various departments to identify and implement sustainable initiatives and ensure the organization meets its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

Here are the top 10 CSO in the field of fashion:

RankCompanyNameSustainable Project
1PatagoniaBeth ThorenDirector of Environmental Action EMEA at Patagonia. Drives environmental initiatives in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
2H&M GroupHelena HelmerssonCEO of H&M Group. Prioritizes sustainable materials and circular fashion initiatives. Aims for 100% sustainably sourced materials by 2030.
3AdidasKatja SchreiberSVP of Sustainability at Adidas. Instrumental in driving impressive sustainability standards and ESG rating of 79 out of 100.
4ReformationKathleen TalbotVice President of Sustainability at Reformation. Focuses on eco-friendly materials and transparent production processes.
5Lucy & YakKate O’GradySustainability Manager at Lucy & Yak. Achieves notable sustainability milestones, including solar energy implementation and eco-friendly packaging.
6Levi Strauss & CoJeffrey HogueChief Sustainability Officer at Levi Strauss & Co. Drives sustainability standards, consumer awareness, and sustainable product delivery.
7Hermès InternationalPierre AlexandreCSO at Hermès International. Focuses on sustainable development, material sourcing, and responsible supply chain practices.
8eBayRenee MorinChief Sustainability Officer at eBay. Advocates for proactive green transformation and sustainable operations.
9Parfums Christian DiorIsabelle SultanCSO at Parfums Christian Dior. Leads sustainable ingredient sourcing, eco-friendly manufacturing, and packaging initiatives.
10Stella McCartneyVanessa RothschildChief Sustainability Officer at Stella McCartney. Focuses on cruelty-free and eco-conscious fashion, using vegan and sustainable materials.

1. Beth Thoren (Patagonia)

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Patagonia strengthens its commitment to environmental sustainability by appointing Beth Thoren as Environmental Action & Initiative Director. With her wealth of experience, Thoren’s role will contribute to Patagonia’s mission of achieving carbon neutrality by 2025 and advancing efforts for a greener planet.

As the Director of Environmental Action EMEA at Patagonia, Beth Thoren is considered a top sustainability officer due to her pivotal role in driving the company’s environmental initiatives in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Patagonia is well-known for its commitment to sustainability, and Beth Thoren plays a crucial part in furthering their environmental goals and promoting sustainable practices within the fashion industry.

Beth’s journey to this role was unconventional, having worked at Exxon and fundraised for organizations like the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and ClientEarth. Now at Patagonia, she is determined to positively impact the world, recognizing her influential position in driving environmental change. Patagonia’s reputation as a leading fashion brand in environmentalism aligns perfectly with Beth’s mission to create a more sustainable future.

2. Helena Helmersson (H&M Group)

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Helena Helmersson, the CEO of H&M Group, is a leading fashion industry figure known for her strong commitment to sustainability. Under her leadership, H&M has prioritized using sustainable materials and promoting circular fashion initiatives. They aim to achieve 100% sustainably sourced materials by 2030, investing in research for circular fashion, recycling, and reusing materials.

Recently, H&M introduced a rental service in specific markets, encouraging a more circular economy and reducing clothing waste. The company is transparent about its sustainability efforts, regularly sharing progress reports and updates on its sustainability goals. Helena Helmersson’s leadership has positioned H&M as a critical player in the sustainable fashion movement, inspiring other companies to adopt eco-friendly practices.

3. Katja Schreiber

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Katja is the SVP of Sustainability at adidas. She has been instrumental in driving the company’s impressive sustainability standards. In November 2021, Adidasadidas received a remarkable ESG rating of 79 out of 100 from S&P, placing them among the top-rated companies globally for their environmental, social, and governance performance.

With almost two decades of experience at adidas, Katja Schreiber’s leadership and dedication to sustainability have been highly lauded. Her vision has guided Adidasadidas to excel in responsible business practices, influencing their entire supply chain and operations. Under her guidance, Adidasadidas has embraced sustainability as a core value, achieving significant milestones in reducing its environmental impact, implementing ethical labor practices, and supporting social initiatives.

4. Kathleen Talbot 

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As the Vice President of Sustainability at Reformation, Kathleen Talbot plays a crucial role in solidifying the brand’s position as a pioneer in sustainable fashion. Her unwavering focus on eco-friendly materials and transparent production processes has further strengthened Reformation’s commitment to sustainability.

Under Kathleen’s leadership, Reformation has made significant progress in promoting responsible and ethical practices within the fashion industry. The brand continues to explore innovative and sustainable materials, ensuring that every aspect of its production aligns with its eco-conscious values.

5. Kate O’Grady

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Kate O’Grady, the Sustainability Manager at Lucy & Yak, has been a driving force behind the company’s leadership in sustainable fashion. Her role as the sustainability officer ensures that Lucy & Yak remains at the forefront of eco-friendly practices in the fashion industry. Under Kate’s guidance, Lucy & Yak has achieved notable sustainability milestones.

One recent achievement is the successful implementation of solar energy panels to power one of their factories in India, making it fully sustainable and significantly reducing its carbon footprint. The company has proactively improved its packaging practices by using 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials for all packing bags and mailers.

6. Jeffrey Hogue

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Under Hogue’s leadership, Levi Strauss & Co has become a leading force sustainably, solidifying its position as a responsible business within the industry. His dedication to sustainability has benefited the company and inspired positive change, fostering a greater sense of responsibility towards the environment and society. Through his efforts, Levi’s continues to make significant strides on its eco-conscious journey, driving the fashion industry towards a more sustainable future.

Jeffrey has remarkably impacted the company’s sustainability standards and image. Since joining Levi’s, he has focused on raising sustainability standards and increasing consumer awareness. By providing crucial support to the business teams, he has enabled the delivery of more sustainable products. Hogue’s vision includes creating thousands of sustainability ambassadors to engage with customers and demonstrate the company’s commitment to eco-friendly practices.

7. Pierre Alexandre

AsPierre as CSO at Hermès International, he oversees the company’s sustainable development initiatives. He previously worked at Ernst & Young, contributing to strategy development and production improvements. As Hermès’ CSO, Pierre Alexandre ensures sustainability aligns with the brand’s artisanal heritage and luxurious products, with a focus on leather and silk.

The company’s dedication to sustainable development dates back to its founding in 1837, encompassing sustainable materials sourcing, employment practices, and strong local connections. His recent contributions include driving sustainable material sourcing, reducing the carbon footprint, and promoting responsible practices in the supply chain, solidifying Hermès as a leader in ethical and eco-conscious fashion.

8. Renee Morin

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Meet Renee Morin, the Chief Sustainability Officer at eBay, an internet marketplace with 135 million users globally. Despite not being traditionally associated with fashion, eBay sells 16% of its products in the ‘Clothing and Accessories category, making it one of the world’s most prominent fashion outlets.

Renee Morin’s career has been dedicated to advising and consulting leading companies on sustainability. As a Chief Sustainability Officer, she advocates for proactive green transformation rather than merely reacting to regulations. Her approach involves helping companies develop metrics to ensure smoother and more sustainable operations from multiple angles.

With her leadership, eBay is committed to making sustainable practices an integral part of its operations, contributing to a greener and more responsible fashion industry.

9. Isabelle Sultan

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Isabelle Sultan’s extensive experience and expertise in sustainability from her previous role at Danone made her an ideal candidate for the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) position at Parfums Christian Dior. Her passion for environmental responsibility aligned perfectly with Dior’s vision, positioning her as a critical driver of the company’s sustainability initiatives.

As the CSO, Isabelle Sultan has played a pivotal role in guiding Dior toward more responsible and eco-conscious practices. She has led efforts to source sustainable ingredients, implement environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, and adopt eco-friendly packaging. Under her leadership, Dior has made significant progress in integrating sustainability into its brand ethos, becoming a leading example of responsible luxury in the fragrance industry.

10. Vanessa Rothschild 

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Vanessa is a CSO at the luxury fashion brand Stella McCartney, known for its strong commitment to sustainability and ethics. In her role, Vanessa spearheads the company’s sustainability initiatives, focusing on cruelty-free and eco-conscious fashion. Stella McCartney is dedicated to using vegan and sustainable materials in their designs, opting for plant-based leather, recycled fabrics, and organic fibers to reduce their environmental impact.

Under Vanessa’s leadership, the brand continues progressing in circularity, waste reduction, and responsible production practices. Her efforts have solidified Stella McCartney’s position as a leader in sustainable luxury fashion, inspiring positive change within the industry and setting an example for others to follow.

Responsibilities of a Sustainability Officer

The responsibilities of a sustainability officer are wide-ranging and include:

  • Developing and implementing sustainable business practices
  • Overseeing the integration of sustainability throughout the supply chain
  • Creating and monitoring sustainability programs and initiatives
  • Collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to drive sustainability
  • Reporting on sustainability performance and progress
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant sustainability regulations and standards

Importance of a Sustainability Officer in the Fashion Industry

In the fashion industry, sustainability officers are crucial in driving positive change. Fashion brands must adopt sustainable practices because the fashion industry is one of the most significant contributors to environmental impact. Sustainability officers bring the knowledge, expertise, and passion to implement sustainable initiatives to mitigate environmental risks. They work across the entire supply chain, from sourcing sustainable materials to promoting recycling and circular economy initiatives.

How do Sustainability Officers Implement Supply Chain Sustainability?

Implementing sustainability along the supply chain is a complex task that requires careful planning and collaboration. Sustainability officers employ various strategies and techniques to drive supply chain sustainability:

Strategies for Integrating Sustainability Into the supply chain

Sustainability officers work with suppliers and partners to implement the following strategies:

  • Encouraging the use of sustainable materials and manufacturing processes
  • Promoting fair labor toward practices and ensuring workers’ rights
  • Reducing waste and implementing recycling programs
  • Minimizing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy sources

Challenges in Implementing Supply Chain Sustainability

Implementing supply chain sustainability is not without its challenges. Sustainability officers often face the following hurdles:

  • Resistance from suppliers or partners to adopt sustainable practices
  • Difficulty in obtaining accurate and reliable data from suppliers
  • Limited resources and budget constraints
  • Complexity of managing sustainability across a global supply chain

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does CSO stand for?

A: CSO stands for Chief Sustainability Officer, a senior executive responsible for developing and implementing sustainability strategies within an organization.

Q: What is the role of a Chief Sustainability Officer?

A: The role of a Chief Sustainability Officer is to oversee and provide strategic guidance on sustainability initiatives, ensuring that environmental, social, and economic objectives are met.

Q: What is sustainable fashion?

A: Sustainable fashion refers to producing clothing and accessories in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Q: Which other companies have implemented sustainable practices?

A: Companies such as Unilever, Ikea, Nike, L’Oreal, and Danone have made significant efforts to incorporate sustainability into their operations and supply chains.

Q: When will sustainability become a global priority?

A: Sustainability is already a global priority and continually gaining momentum. Many countries, organizations, and individuals are working towards achieving sustainable development goals by 2030.

Q: Can partnerships contribute to building sustainability?

A: Yes, partnerships are instrumental in building sustainability. Collaborations between businesses, governments, non-profit organizations, and other stakeholders can amplify the impact of sustainability initiatives and foster innovative solutions.


The Top 10 Sustainability Officers in Fashion are leading the charge toward a greener fashion industry. Their expertise and dedication have influenced their brands’ sustainability agendas, driving positive change through responsible sourcing, reduced environmental impact, circular fashion, and ethical labor practices. Their commitment has inspired the broader fashion community, setting a powerful example for a more eco-conscious future.

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