The fashion industry is scrutinized for contributing to waste and pollution in today’s environmentally conscious world. Consumers are demanding more sustainable and eco-friendly options, especially regarding footwear. VivoBarefoot, a global natural health lifestyle brand, is leading the way with its innovative approach to waste-free footwear. Through their scan-to-print technology and circular bare-foot-wear system, they are reimagining how we design and make footwear.

About Vivo barefoot

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Human well-being and the planet’s health are suffering in a world increasingly characterized by sedentary and cushioned lifestyles. Vivobarefoot, founded in 2012 by two seventh-generation cobblers, Galahad and Asher Clark, champions a simple yet profound idea – that barefoot footwear holds the key to regenerating human health.

A Vivobarefoot product or experience is a gateway to a closer connection with nature. Feet, intricate biomechanical marvels flourish when allowed to move freely, whether walking, running, jumping, or dancing. 

However, with its cushioned, narrow, and rigid design, the modern shoe stifles this natural strength and function. Feet is the foundation, grounding individuals to the earth, and Vivobarefoot believes they should never be compromised.

At Vivobarefoot, the belief persists that the closer people are to nature, the more inclined they are to protect it. In its unadulterated form, nature stands as the ultimate model of sustainability. And barefoot footwear? It emerges as a powerful regenerative force for human health. The mission is not just about footwear; it’s about rekindling the vital connection between humanity and the world they inhabit.

Headquarters Location

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Vivobarefoot, the innovative barefoot footwear brand, has strategically established two headquarters locations to reinforce its global presence and commitment to promoting natural health through footwear.

The first headquarters is in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany, at 8 Karl-Liebknecht-Straße, 04107. This German location positions the brand at the heart of Europe, providing access to a rich history of craftsmanship and innovation, aligning with Vivobarefoot’s ethos of reimagining footwear.

The second headquarters is in London, United Kingdom, specifically at 28 Britton Street in Farringdon (EC1M 5UE). London is a global fashion hub and boasts a diverse talent pool, making it the ideal location for Vivobarefoot to not only stay on the cutting edge of style but also nurture its vision of sustainability and natural health in the footwear industry.

Innovative Footwear by Vivobarefoot

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Vivobarefoot takes a meticulous approach to craft Wide, Thin, and Flexible footwear, providing an experience that closely mimics going barefoot. These shoes enhance your feet’ natural strength and mobility, allowing you to feel the ground beneath you. This sensory connection between your feet and brain influences your movement and connection to the world. Vivobarefoot footwear connects you with nature, creating a tangible bond.

Recognizing the need for change, Vivobarefoot has introduced a groundbreaking scan-to-print technology that is transforming the footwear supply chain. This system lets customers easily scan their feet using a mobile app and receive personalized 3D-printed shoes. This innovation significantly reduces material waste and energy consumption by eliminating mass production and excess inventory. 

But Vivobarefoot’s commitment goes beyond technology; it’s a holistic approach to barefoot wear. Their circular system considers the entire shoe lifecycle, from design to disposal. It prioritizes regenerative footwear over disposable options, incorporating sustainable materials, responsible manufacturing practices, and products designed for easy repair and recycling

The Environmental Impact of Footwear

Footwear significantly impacts the environment, mainly because of the materials used and how shoes are made. Traditional footwear often generates considerable waste, including leftover fabric, patterns, and non-biodegradable components. This waste not only adds to pollution but also depletes important resources.

VivoBarefoot’s Sustainable Approach

VivoBarefoot believes that barefoot footwear benefits your feet and the planet. Their shoes are designed to imitate the natural movement of your feet, providing comfort and flexibility. This design philosophy enhances the wearer’s experience and reduces the need for frequent shoe replacements, minimizing material waste.

VivoBarefoot is committed to a sustainable future as a global natural health lifestyle brand. They actively work to reduce their carbon footprint and waste throughout their supply chain. They are leading the way by adopting a circular approach to footwear, showing that waste-free shoes are not just possible but necessary.

The Innovative Scan-to-Print System

VivoBarefoot’s innovative scan-to-print circular bare-foot-wear system is transforming the footwear industry. By rethinking how shoes are designed and made, they offer an environmentally friendly solution to the problems associated with traditional manufacturing.

With the ability to create personalized shoes based on individual foot measurements, VivoBarefoot eliminates the need for standard sizes and reduces material waste. This, combined with their dedication to sustainability and the regenerative power of barefoot footwear, positions them as industry leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the concept behind VivoBarefoot’s waste-free footwear?

VivoBarefoot has introduced a circular bare-foot-wear system that reimagines how footwear is designed, focusing on a waste-free future.

What is VivoBarefoot?

VivoBarefoot is a lifestyle brand that offers footwear designed based on the belief that barefoot footwear is regenerative to human health and the planet.

How does VivoBarefoot contribute to waste reduction in footwear?

VivoBarefoot follows an overhauled approach to footwear manufacturing to minimize waste and ensure a waste-free future.

What is the vision of VivoBarefoot’s waste-free footwear?

VivoBarefoot envisions a future where footwear production and consumption are sustainable, without contributing to the global waste problem.

Why is VivoBarefoot’s waste-free footwear considered regenerative?

VivoBarefoot’s waste-free footwear is considered regenerative because it promotes a healthy and natural foot movement, and does not harm the environment during production or disposal.

How can I get VivoBarefoot’s waste-free footwear?

VivoBarefoot has launched a new circular bare-foot-wear system, and their waste-free footwear can be purchased through their website or authorized retailers.

Can I vote on future design releases by VivoBarefoot?

Yes, VivoBarefoot is calling for 200 individuals to be able to vote on future design releases and even try out prototype shoes.

Is VivoBarefoot’s waste-free footwear available for everyone?

Yes, VivoBarefoot’s waste-free footwear is designed for both men and women, accommodating different foot sizesstyles.

How are VivoBarefoot’s waste-free shoes different from traditional shoes?

VivoBarefoot’s waste-free shoes are different from traditional shoes as they are designed to mimic the natural shape and movement of the foot, promoting better posture and foot health.

Can I recycle VivoBarefoot’s waste-free shoes?

VivoBarefoot encourages recycling their waste-free shoes at the end of their life cycle to ensure a truly waste-free experience.


In conclusion, VivoBarefoot’s innovative approach to footwear is a significant step towards a waste-free and sustainable future for the industry. They show that fashion and the environment can go hand in hand by designing shoes that mimic natural foot movement and using advanced technologies like the scan-to-print system.

VivoBarefoot’s circular economy model sets a great example in a world increasingly concerned about the environment. They’re committed to reducing waste, ditching standard sizing, and promoting eco-friendly footwear, paving the way for change in the fashion world.

VivoBarefoot offers hope for a future where people can enjoy stylish, comfy shoes while being kinder to our planet. This vision benefits not just the company but society and the environment. 

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