Some emerging technologies help consumers build awareness for the environmental impact of their everyday actions. There are many eco-friendly mobile apps to help guide you from the convenience of your phone.

While institutions transition to a greener economy, teaching households how consumer behavior plays a role in the environment is critical to move the needle forward.

Here are five eco-friendly mobile apps I like to use. They can help you reduce waste and become a more conscious consumer. They are also free, easy to follow and may even save you some $$$.

Note: None of the companies listed in this article are affiliated with Sustainable Review nor does Sustainable Review receive any commission from the links mentioned in this article. These recommendations are based solely on the author’s unsolicited support of each product.

  1. Capture


  • Measure your carbon footprint by tracking the emissions due to your everyday mobility, flights per year, and diet.
  • Get tips to reduce your emissions
  • Connect to projects that remove the carbon emissions you’ve produced.
  • Become a better recycler using this app!
  • Receive collection reminders from a personalized collection calendar as well as information about drop off locations near you.
  • Use guides and rules to help you recycle and dispose of items properly, depending on your city. (Some states will even pay you to recycle!)
  • Become a smarter and more conscious consumer using this app.
  • Select campaigns you support, like ‘support fair trade’, ‘say no to palm oil products’, and ‘promote sustainable fishing’
  • Scan or look up products to see if they support or conflict with the cause you care about before buying them
  • You can also buy a suggested alternative provided for that product.
  • This popular navigation app sensors traffic and tracks your commute.
  • Use this app to find alternate routes and save money and gas, while reducing the environmental impact of your commute!
  • Waze also offers a carpool app to make your commute more affordable and environmentally friendly.
  • Track and cut paper waste by stopping junk mail using this app.
  • PaperKarma unsubscribes you from junk mail and unwanted catalogs.
  • Take a picture of the unwanted catalog or mail and stop its delivery directly from the app.
  • Easily get rid of unwanted mail- saving money, time, and helping the environment by stopping the printing of direct marketing mail.

Bottom line

When it comes to individual action to help the environment, creating habits, and implementing small changes to your lifestyle goes a long way.

These eco-friendly mobile apps can help you accomplish just that. Taking advantage of existing technologies is a great way to help you and your wallet go green.

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