The glasses industry, like many others, is hopping on the green bandwagon, and the result is a range of stunning, eco-friendly eyewear brands that demonstrate you don’t have to compromise style in your quest for a zero-waste lifestyle.

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to 7 amazing glasses brands that not only focus on reducing their environmental footprint but also deliver high-quality and stylish frames.

 Read on to discover which brand suits your style while keeping Mother Earth happy!

Key Takeaways

  • Wires, a London-based brand, uses a single piece of lightweight metal wire and 3D-printed parts for their designs. They use sustainable resources like biodegradable organic cotton and minimize waste in their manufacturing process.
  • MITA’s trendy eco-glasses are made from recycled plastic bottles. The cleaning cloths and cases are also made from recycled materials.
  • Good Citizens Eyewear, an Australian company, makes every pair of their glasses from 100% recycled plastic. Their packaging is also 100% recyclable.
  • Waterhaul transforms ocean waste, specifically discarded fishing nets, into chic everyday eyewear. Their packaging avoids using any single-use plastics.
  • SKRP creates glasses from recycled Canadian skateboard decks and eyeglass pieces from recycled plastic.
  • Sea2see collaborates with fishing communities to collect discarded plastic, which is then sustainably repurposed into spectacles. They practice upcycling rather than just recycling.
  • Dresden offers eyewear crafted from Nylon 12, a recyclable Swiss nylon. They also create limited-edition eyewear from various recycled materials, such as milk bottle caps and beer keg caps.


Wires website landing page

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In the bustling streets of London, the innovative eyewear brand Wires is making a splash in the eco-friendly glasses industry. With a fresh and unique approach to eyewear design, Wires is making sustainability chic – one pair of glasses at a time.

At the heart of Wires’ design is a single piece of metal wire and 3D printed parts, a standout combination that sets them apart in the sustainable eyewear market.

Wires’ commitment to the environment goes beyond innovative design. The brand uses sustainable resources like organic cotton, and its manufacturing process is designed to minimize waste. It is believed that the fashion industry is responsible for 20% of global wastewater. But Wires is bucking this trend. Their 3D printing technology significantly reduces water usage, making their glasses not just stylish but also eco-friendly.

The London-based brand doesn’t just talk the talk – they walk the walk, too. They’ve earned certifications from the WFTO Guarantee System and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), rigorous standards that ensure their supply chain meets strict environmental and ethical guidelines. Moreover, they provide transparency by maintaining partial supply chain traceability, including at the final production stage.

Animal lovers will be pleased to know that Wires typically refrains from using animal-derived materials in their products. Even their packaging is eco-conscious, favoring recycled materials.


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Among a sea of sustainable eyewear brands, MITA stands out with its unwavering commitment to Mother Earth. Each frame is a vibrant celebration of Miami’s colors and energy and a bold stride in sustainable fashion.

Taking recycling to a whole new level, MITA transforms five discarded water bottles into one pair of trendy eco-glasses. To date, they’ve given a new lease of life to over 80,000 water bottles, making a significant dent in the dismal recycling rates in the US and Europe.

Their sustainability pledge doesn’t end with the frames. The cleaning cloths and cases are also made from recycled materials, ensuring every facet of your eyewear experience is dipped in eco-consciousness.

In an era where style and sustainability can feel like an uneasy alliance, MITA effortlessly bridges the divide. When you wear a pair of their glasses, you’re not just stepping up your fashion game; you’re also signaling your dedication to the environment.

Good Citizens Eyewear

Good citizen eyewear website landing page

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Good Citizens Eyewear isn’t only a trendsetter in the world of eye fashion but also a crusader in the fight against environmental waste. It’s their dual mission that sets them apart from the crowd.

Every pair of these Australian eco-friendly glasses and sustainable sunglasses is from 100% recycled plastic. Yes, you heard it right. This innovative brand is turning waste into a fashion statement.

According to a report by the Ocean Conservancy, an estimated 11 million metric tons of plastic waste enters the ocean each year. Good Citizens Eyewear is taking a stand against this crisis, transforming that waste into something chic and handy. When you purchase a pair of their glasses, you’re essentially rescuing a 600ml plastic bottle from the environment.

But their green commitment doesn’t end with the product itself. They’ve also ensured that their packaging is 100% recyclable. So why not choose Good Citizens Eyewear? Not only will you be looking stylish with a unique pair of glasses, but you’ll also be contributing to a more sustainable planet!


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Waterhaul has mastered the art of transforming ocean waste into chic, everyday eyewear. Their primary ingredient? Discarded fishing nets that they recycle into durable, classic glasses, perfect for daily wear.

Their commitment to sustainability is unyielding. Not only are the frames eco-friendly, but even the packaging avoids using any single-use plastics.

Take, for instance, their glasses made from 100% polypropylene trawl nets. With their sleek design, it’s hard to believe that these frames are made from floating debris in our oceans. This just goes to show that style and sustainability can indeed go hand in hand.

Their sunglasses also echo this environmental ethos with designs that are as stylish as they’re simple.

But the real beauty of choosing Waterhaul is the difference you make. Each pair of glasses purchased equates to a fishing net removed from the sea, a tangible step towards fighting marine pollution. Per the Greenpeace report, at least 640,000 tonnes of fishing nets are left in the oceans each year. By purchasing from Waterhaul, you contribute towards reducing this number.


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Get ready to marvel at the extraordinary craftsmanship of SKRP, a trailblazer in sustainable eyewear. Born from the fusion of eco-consciousness and style, each pair of glasses originates from repurposed skateboard decks. These sustainable shades are the epitome of fashion meeting function, providing a chic, green alternative to conventional eyewear.

SKRP doesn’t just make glasses; they give new life and purpose to the discarded Canadian skateboards. Adding to the ecosystem-friendly ethos, the polarized lenses are made from recycled plastic, further underscoring their dedication to the environment.

Let’s delve into the specifics of what makes SKRP stand out:

MaterialRecycled Canadian Skateboards
LensesPolarized, Recycled Plastic
HingesStainless Steel, Flexible
Unique Selling PointNo Two Pairs Are Alike

Every time you don a pair of SKRP glasses, you’re contributing to the fight against waste. After all, it’s estimated that over 90% of global waste is dumped into landfills without processing. By choosing SKRP, you are making a conscious choice to support recycling and reuse, therefore playing your part in preserving our planet.


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Sea2see is more than just a brand; it’s a revolution. It’s not only about donning a pair of chic spectacles but also about becoming an advocate for change. By choosing Sea2see, you’re joining a movement that’s fighting against the scourge of ocean plastic pollution, transforming it into a wearable statement of style and sustainability.

Here’s the Sea2see narrative that sets it apart:

  • Fishing for Change: Sea2see has built formidable alliances with fishing communities dotted across 27 regions in Spain and 10 coastal territories in Ghana. This strategic partnership ensures a continuous influx of discarded plastic, which otherwise would have ended up polluting our oceans.
  • The Upcycling Paradigm: Unlike conventional recycling, Sea2see embraces upcycling. Discarded ropes, fishnets, and other marine debris aren’t merely recycled but transformed. They metamorphose into reusable raw materials, creating a circular economy that benefits both the environment and the consumer.
  • Stylish Spectacles from Ocean Plastic: The sunglasses from Sea2see are a testament to creativity and sustainability. They’re crafted from recovered ocean plastic, yet their style and durability are uncompromised. Sleek, sturdy, and comfortable, these frames defy the stereotype of recycled products.

The next time you’re shopping for eyewear, remember Sea2see. It’s not merely a fashion statement but a stand for the environment. Every purchase is a small yet significant step towards preserving our planet. With Sea2see, you can sport a trendy look while making a tangible difference.


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In the bustling landscape of sustainable fashion, a rising star hails from Australia. Meet Dresden, a brand that’s pushing the boundaries of green innovation and eyewear design.

Dresden’s eyewear collection comprises four sizes and a plethora of color options, each one as unique as your personality.

The majority of Dresden’s eyewear is crafted from Nylon 12, a recyclable Swiss nylon that’s as durable as it is eco-friendly. This feather-light material is a testament to the possibility of creating sustainable prescription glasses without sacrificing quality or style.

But Dresden’s innovation doesn’t end with Nylon 12. They’ve also ventured into creating limited-edition eyewear from a fascinating array of recycled materials. From milk bottle caps to wood chips and even beer keg caps, this brand truly knows how to turn trash into treasure.

Let’s break it down with some data:

Materials UsedDurabilityIs It Eco-Friendly?
Nylon 12HighYes
Milk Bottle CapsMediumYes
Recycled Wood Chips, Beer Keg CapsVariableYes

Investing in Dresden is more than just purchasing a pair of glasses. It’s a commitment to a brand that values sustainability and breathes innovation. Try these frames on for size, and you might just discover a perfect fit that aligns with your style and values.


Making a switch to eco-friendly glasses is an easy and stylish way to contribute to environmental conservation. Whether you’re into classic designs or funky recycled materials, there’s a sustainable eyewear brand out there for you.

When you choose one of these seven amazing brands, you’re not just investing in a pair of glasses but also casting a vote for sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices. So why not make your next pair of glasses a green choice? It’s a small step that can make a big difference for our planet.

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