Earth Week

SR Earth Week highlights all you need to know about the history of earth week and the monumental environmental events that have defined the climate movement since Earth Day’s inception.

  1. Earth Week
“It is worse, much worse, than you think.” Welcome to Earth Day, 2020 edition. For future Friday, we are exploring the 2020s and beyond as it relates to the environmental movement. Are we talking about coronavirus? No, we’re talking about climate change. That quote comes from David Wallace-Wells, the author of The Uninhabitable Earth.  Emissions […]
  1. Earth Week
Welcome to Earth Day, 2000s edition. The decade of 9/11, foreign wars, tech takeovers and financial ruin. As we entered the 21st century, the world increasingly understood climate change. From natural disasters to failed diplomatic initiatives, we describe some of the most defining environmental developments of the 2000s below. It was yet another disappointing decade, […]
  1. Earth Week
Welcome to Earth Day, 1990s edition. The U.S. population was 250 million. The Berlin Wall was collapsing. Fresh Prince, Home Improvement and Friends filled our TV screens. Gameboys were the ‘next big thing’. Yes, frosted tips, flat tops and boy bands everywhere. These are the biggest events of the environmental movement of the 1990's that dominated the decade.
  1. Earth Week
Welcome to the second installment in our Earth Day series, the 1980s. The decade started with a win for environmental justice and the literal “defining moment” for sustainable development. Everything was bigger in the 1980s – big hair, leg warmers, and boom boxes, big phones, big junk bonds and trading scandals, and, of course, the advent of MTV and personal computing. It also may have been the decade in which we “lost Earth”. The second half of the decade included one of the most successful international environmental negotiations and brought climate change and its impacts to the public consciousness for the first time. This is Earth Day, 1980s edition.
  1. Earth Week
This is the 1970s: Watergate, Star Wars, heavyweight boxing, leisure suits, big hair, rock and roll. Add environmentalism to the list. Richard Nixon is most well known for the Watergate scandal, but he was also one of America’s most environmentally influential presidents, and some of his accomplishments are noted below. The first half of the 1970s was marked by governmental actions that had significant impacts both in America and abroad. The second half of the decade included a series of environmental disasters that raised widespread consciousness into the importance of protecting our planet.

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