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Crystalyn Kae is a brand that has been rated “Great” in terms of its environmental policies and practices. In our evaluation of brands based on their supply chains’ environmental impact, Crystalyn Kae has shown commendable efforts. One factor that contributes to its high rating is the brand’s use of a high proportion of lower-impact materials, including recycled materials. By utilizing such materials, Crystalyn Kae helps limit the use of chemicals, water, and wastewater in its supply chain, which is crucial for minimizing environmental harm.

Another positive aspect of Crystalyn Kae’s sustainability practices is its commitment to minimizing waste. The brand accomplishes this by limiting its production runs, ensuring that only the necessary amount of products are manufactured. This approach not only reduces waste but also promotes efficiency in the production process.

While Crystalyn Kae has demonstrated several environmentally-friendly practices, there is still room for improvement in certain areas. Although the brand has taken measures to reduce its carbon footprint by manufacturing its products closer to home, there is no evidence of meaningful action to reduce water use. Water conservation is a critical aspect of sustainability, and it would be beneficial for Crystalyn Kae to implement strategies to minimize water consumption throughout its supply chain.

Moving on to the brand’s approach to workers’ rights, Crystalyn Kae has been rated “It’s a Start” in our evaluation. As part of our “People” rating, we assess brands’ policies and practices concerning various labor-related issues. Crystalyn Kae’s final production stage takes place in the USA, which is considered a medium-risk country for labor abuse. While this is a positive aspect, there is no evidence of a Code of Conduct in place. A Code of Conduct provides guidance and sets standards for ethical practices, ensuring the well-being of workers. Additionally, there is no evidence that Crystalyn Kae ensures its workers are paid living wages throughout its supply chain. Fair wages are essential for providing livelihoods and improving the quality of life for workers.

In terms of animal welfare, Crystalyn Kae has been rated “It’s a Start” in our evaluation. Our “Animals” rating considers brands’ animal welfare policies and their ability to trace animal-derived products. Crystalyn Kae does not appear to have an animal welfare policy in place. However, the brand does not use wool, down, fur, angora, exotic animal skin, or exotic animal hair in its products. Additionally, Crystalyn Kae incorporates some recycled leather in its leather products, which aligns with sustainable practices.

Based on our thorough analysis of publicly available information, Crystalyn Kae has received an overall rating of “Good.” While the brand has made significant strides in terms of environmental sustainability, there is still room for improvement in areas such as water conservation and workers’ rights. By continuing to prioritize sustainable practices and implementing measures to address the identified areas of improvement, Crystalyn Kae has the potential to further enhance its sustainability efforts and become a leader in the industry.

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