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Araks: Leading the Way in Sustainable Fashion

Araks is a fashion brand that is making waves in the industry with its commitment to sustainability. With an environment rating of ‘good’ and a labor rating of ‘it’s a start’, Araks is paving the way for other brands to follow suit. By using a medium proportion of eco-friendly materials, including organic cotton, Araks is reducing its environmental impact right from the start.

One of the key ways Araks is making a difference is by manufacturing locally. By doing so, the brand is able to significantly reduce its climate impact. This also allows Araks to have a closer relationship with its suppliers and ensure that they are adhering to sustainable practices. In addition, manufacturing locally means that the brand is supporting the local community and economy.

Araks also sets itself apart by using eco-friendly materials throughout its production process. This commitment to sustainability means that the brand limits the use of chemicals, water, and wastewater in its manufacturing. By doing so, Araks is not only reducing its environmental footprint but also creating products that are healthier for consumers.

A Responsible Supply Chain

One of the areas where Araks excels is in its transparency and traceability of its supply chain. The brand traces most of its supply chain, including all of the final and second stages of production. This means that consumers can have peace of mind knowing that Araks products are made ethically and responsibly.

However, there is currently no evidence that Araks has a Code of Conduct in place. While the brand ensures the traceability of its supply chain, it is important for it to have clear guidelines and standards for its suppliers to follow. This would ensure that labor abuse is minimized and that workers are treated fairly throughout the production process.

One area that Araks could improve upon is ensuring the payment of a living wage in its supply chain. While it traces most of its supply chain, there is no evidence that workers are being paid a fair wage for their work. This is an important aspect of sustainability, as fair wages not only support workers and their families, but also contribute to the overall well-being of communities.

Avoiding Animal Materials

Araks is dedicated to creating products that are free of animal materials. While the brand does use silk in some of its products, it is generally free of other animal materials. This commitment to cruelty-free fashion aligns with the brand’s overall mission of sustainability and ethical practices.

It is important to note that Araks has not been rated on its impact on animals, as this falls outside of the scope of the environment and labor ratings. However, the brand’s commitment to using eco-friendly materials and avoiding animal materials is a step in the right direction.


In conclusion, Araks is setting an example for the fashion industry by prioritizing sustainability and ethical practices. With a good environment rating and a labor rating that shows potential for improvement, Araks is dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet and the lives of the people involved in its supply chain. By using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing locally, Araks is proving that fashion can be beautiful and sustainable at the same time.

While there are areas where Araks could further enhance its sustainability efforts, such as implementing a Code of Conduct and ensuring the payment of a living wage, the brand’s overall commitment to sustainability is commendable. By making conscious choices in production and materials, Araks is contributing to a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry.

As consumers, we can support brands like Araks by choosing to invest in sustainable fashion. By making informed choices about the products we purchase, we can collectively drive change and encourage other brands to adopt sustainable practices. Together, we can create a more sustainable future for the fashion industry and the planet.

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