Capodimonti Cashmere

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Location: Italy

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Capodimonti Cashmere is a brand that has been rated as “Not Good Enough” in terms of its environmental policies. In our “Planet” rating, we evaluate brands based on various factors related to their environmental impact. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to suggest that Capodimonti Cashmere uses any lower-impact materials in its production. Additionally, there is no evidence of meaningful action being taken to reduce water use, a crucial factor in sustainable practices.

Furthermore, Capodimonti Cashmere does not appear to take any action to minimize its packaging, which contributes to the global issue of plastic waste. One positive aspect is that the brand adopts a made-to-order approach to minimize waste. By producing products only when they are ordered, it reduces the risk of excess inventory and unsold items.

On the other hand, when it comes to the treatment of workers, Capodimonti Cashmere receives a “Good” rating in our “People” evaluation. The brand proudly states that its products are made in-house by the owner, ensuring greater control over working conditions and labor practices. It also has a traceability system in place for most of its supply chain, which indicates a certain level of commitment to transparency.

However, there is no evidence to suggest that Capodimonti Cashmere ensures that workers in its supply chain are paid living wages. This gap highlights the importance of brands taking concrete actions to guarantee fair and equitable compensation for the people involved in their production processes.

In terms of animal welfare, Capodimonti Cashmere receives a “Good” rating in our “Animals” evaluation. While the brand does not have an explicit animal welfare policy, it does not appear to use materials such as leather, wool, down, fur, angora, or exotic animal skin. However, there is evidence to suggest that it uses exotic animal hair, which raises questions about the source and treatment of these materials.

Based on all the publicly available information we have reviewed, Capodimonti Cashmere receives an overall rating of “Good.” While it demonstrates some positive practices in terms of worker treatment and animal welfare, there are significant areas for improvement, particularly in terms of environmental impact and supply chain transparency. It is crucial for brands to prioritize sustainability in all aspects of their operations to create a better future for our planet, people, and animals.

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