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Farm to Hanger is a sustainable clothing brand that aims to make a positive impact on the environment and labor practices within the fashion industry. While it may not currently use eco-friendly materials, the brand takes steps to minimize textile waste by reusing all of its offcuts. This commitment to reducing waste is commendable and sets Farm to Hanger apart from other brands.

In addition, Farm to Hanger manufactures its products locally, which helps to reduce its overall climate impact. By producing clothing closer to home, the brand decreases the carbon emissions associated with long-distance transportation. This local focus is an important aspect of sustainability, as it supports the local economy and reduces the brand’s carbon footprint.

When it comes to labor practices, Farm to Hanger receives a ‘good’ rating. The brand demonstrates transparency by tracing its entire supply chain, ensuring that it has visibility into each stage of production. This commitment to transparency provides consumers with confidence that the brand is taking steps to ensure ethical labor practices.

Furthermore, Farm to Hanger’s final stage of production is certified by Ethical Clothing Australia. This certification verifies that the brand’s manufacturing processes comply with ethical standards, providing reassurance to consumers that the products they purchase are ethically made.

While Farm to Hanger shows dedication to transparency and labor practices, it is unclear whether the brand ensures payment of a living wage throughout its supply chain. This is an area where improvement could be made, as a living wage is essential for ensuring fair wages and improving the livelihoods of workers.

In terms of animal materials, Farm to Hanger generally uses materials that are free of animal products. However, the brand’s impact on animals has not been rated, so it is unclear whether further steps are taken to ensure animal welfare throughout the production process.

Overall, Farm to Hanger receives a ‘Good’ rating, based on its environment and labor scores. While there is room for improvement, particularly in the use of eco-friendly materials and payment of a living wage, the brand’s commitment to transparency and local manufacturing sets it apart in the fashion industry.

Environment Rating It’s a start
Labor Rating Good
Animal Impact Rating Not rated
Overall Rating Good

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