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Pure Apparel is a brand that focuses on sustainability and has been making efforts towards reducing its environmental impact. The brand’s environment rating is currently classified as ‘it’s a start’, indicating that they are taking steps in the right direction. However, there is no evidence to support the claim that Pure Apparel minimizes its packaging.

One of the commendable sustainable practices of Pure Apparel is that it manufactures its products locally. By doing so, the brand aims to reduce its carbon footprint associated with transportation as well as support the local economy. Manufacturing locally also allows for better control and monitoring of the production process, ensuring quality and reducing the likelihood of unethical practices.

To minimize textile waste, Pure Apparel adopts a limited production run approach. This means that they produce only a specific amount of products, based on demand or other factors, to prevent excess inventory and reduce the amount of unused textiles that may end up as waste. By implementing this strategy, Pure Apparel demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and responsible production.

However, when it comes to hazardous chemicals, there is no evidence to suggest that Pure Apparel has taken meaningful action to reduce or eliminate them from their production processes. This is an area where the brand can work towards further improvement to ensure the safety and well-being of both consumers and the environment.

In terms of labor practices, Pure Apparel’s labor rating is also classified as ‘it’s a start’. The final stage of production for their products is undertaken in Australia, which is considered a low-risk country for labor abuse. This indicates that Pure Apparel is mindful of its supply chain and takes steps to mitigate the risk of labor exploitation.

While there is no evidence of Pure Apparel having a formal Code of Conduct, the brand does have a formal statement covering workers’ rights. This shows that they recognize the importance of upholding workers’ rights and creating a safe and fair working environment.

However, there is no evidence to suggest that Pure Apparel ensures payment of a living wage throughout its supply chain. This is an area where the brand can focus on further improvement to promote fair wages and better working conditions for all workers involved in their production process.

When it comes to animal welfare, Pure Apparel has a good rating. The brand does not use any animal products in its manufacturing process, which makes its products suitable for vegans. However, it is worth noting that while Pure Apparel does not use animal products, it does not explicitly state that it is a vegan brand. This may be something for animal-conscious consumers to consider.

In summary, Pure Apparel is a brand that is making efforts towards sustainability and has been rated as ‘Good’ overall. While there is still room for improvement in areas such as packaging reduction, hazardous chemical elimination, and ensuring living wages throughout the supply chain, the brand’s commitment to manufacturing locally and its good animal welfare practices contribute to its positive rating. Consumers who prioritize sustainability and ethical practices can consider Pure Apparel as a viable option for their clothing needs.

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