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The Standard Stitch: Sustainable Fashion for a Better World

The Standard Stitch is a fashion brand making the world a better place through sustainability. With an impressive ‘great’ environment rating, the brand is fully dedicated to using eco-friendly materials and reducing textile waste.

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Eco-Friendly Materials

  • Organic Cotton: The brand adores organic cotton for its environmental friendliness and farmer well-being. This cotton is grown without harmful chemicals, eliminating pesticides and herbicides. It also conserves water, nurtures soil health, and avoids GMOs.
  • Recycled Cotton: Recycled cotton is a recycling hero. It takes old cotton, breaks it down into fibers, and transforms it into fresh fabric. This process is eco-friendly, consumes less energy and water than regular cotton, and minimizes waste.
  • Power Couple: To combat fabric waste, the brand combines cotton scraps with organic cotton. This blend reduces textile waste and encourages more eco-friendly farming practices in the industry.
  • Vegan: They’re staunch supporters of cruelty-free materials. No animal products are used.
  • Trims: Even the tiniest details matter. Labels, tags, and more are crafted from recycled or organic materials, printed with eco-friendly inks, and designed to be biodegradable and recyclable.

The Standard Stitch was established with a mission to transform the fashion industry. They saw that how most clothes are made can be wasteful and harmful. They’re determined to change this.

Their goal is to create clothes that are kind to the Earth and kind to everyone’s bodies. They’re rethinking the entire process of making clothes to make fashion cleaner and better for people and the planet. The Standard Stitch believes it’s time for a fashion industry makeover.

In their pursuit of sustainability, The Standard Stitch uses a significant amount of recycled materials in their products. The brand minimizes its environmental footprint by repurposing materials that might otherwise end up in landfills. This practice conserves resources and fosters a circular economy where nothing goes to waste.

Waste Reduction

  • Shipping mailers are made from 100% recycled materials, can be recycled, and naturally break down.
  • Protective bags used are either compostable or made from 100% recycled material from old plastic bottles.
  • The goal is to reduce plastic waste and help the environment by using these eco-friendly options.

Not stopping at recycled materials, The Standard Stitch proactively reduces textile waste by creatively using offcuts. These leftover fabric scraps, once destined for disposal, are ingeniously transformed into useful items. This commitment to reducing waste is a big step towards a greener fashion industry.

Local Manufacturing

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The brand is equally conscious of its carbon footprint and takes the smart approach of manufacturing products locally. By producing goods close to their target market, The Standard Stitch significantly lowers emissions from transportation. Moreover, this supports the local economy and ensures products reach consumers with minimal environmental impact.

The company uses a local supply chain, which is based in Los Angeles, near their main office. This means their clothes don’t have to travel far to be made, only about 10.3 miles. This setup allows them to work closely with their vendors and manufacturers and help their local community.

Ethical Labor Practices

While environmental sustainability is vital, so is ethical labor. The Standard Stitch embraces the ‘good’ labor rating and ensures that the final production stage takes place in the USA. 

Recognizing the potential labor risks in the country, the brand has put in place a comprehensive Code of Conduct covering the principles of the International Labor Organization’s Four Fundamental Freedoms.

Respecting people, ensuring fair wages, and keeping workspaces safe is a top priority for the company. They require their partners to meet all legal, social, and ethical standards, considering their Vendor Code of Ethics as the minimum requirement. 

To further ensure compliance with ethical labor standards, Standard Stitch regularly visits its suppliers. This transparency and accountability demonstrate a deep commitment to providing a fair and safe working environment for its employees.

Room for Improvement

Despite these significant strides in labor ethics, the brand’s approach to ensuring payment of a living wage in its supply chain remains unclear. The Standard Stitch acknowledges the need for improvement in this area, showing its dedication to addressing labor issues comprehensively.

Animal Welfare

The Standard Stitch is a leader in animal welfare, boasting a ‘great’ rating. All products in their range are proudly vegan, guaranteeing that no animals are harmed or exploited in creating their garments. This commitment to cruelty-free fashion resonates with the values of conscious consumers who prioritize the well-being of animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes The Standard Stitch a sustainable fashion brand?

The Standard Stitch is committed to sustainability through eco-friendly materials, waste reduction, ethical labor practices, and animal welfare. They prioritize using organic and recycled materials, reducing textile waste, and maintaining cruelty-free production methods.

Where are The Standard Stitch’s clothes manufactured?

The brand takes a proactive approach to reducing its carbon footprint by manufacturing its products locally in the USA. This helps minimize emissions associated with transportation and supports the local economy.

How does The Standard Stitch address labor practices in its supply chain?

The brand has a ‘good’ labor rating and ensures that the final stage of production occurs in the USA. They’ve implemented a Code of Conduct covering labor standards and regularly visit suppliers to ensure compliance, promoting fair and safe working conditions.

Are The Standard Stitch’s products vegan-friendly?

Yes, all of The Standard Stitch’s products are vegan, meaning no animal materials are used in their creation, aligning with cruelty-free fashion principles.

What measures does The Standard Stitch take to reduce waste in its production process?

The brand actively reduces textile waste by repurposing offcuts and recycling materials. They creatively use leftover fabric scraps to minimize environmental impact and promote a circular economy.

Does The Standard Stitch have eco-friendly packaging practices?

Yes, the brand uses kraft mailers made of 100% recycled content that are fully recyclable and biodegradable. Their protective bags are either compostable or made of 100% recycled material, contributing to responsible packaging practices


The Standard Stitch sets a high standard in the fashion industry by focusing on eco-friendly materials, waste reduction, ethical labor practices, and animal welfare. By supporting brands like The Standard Stitch, consumers play a vital role in building a more sustainable future and positively impacting the planet. This brand showcases that fashion can be both stylish and socially responsible, offering hope for a more sustainable and compassionate industry.

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