At Sustainable Review, we are bridging the gap between crypto and climate. You heard that right. We bridge volatile, energy-sucking crypto with modern history’s greatest ecological challenge. Let me explain why.

It’s my responsibility as a climate optimist to think about the future. Under a futurist framework, I believe humans can better adapt to new technology. And Web3 is an inevitable factor in 21st-century human development.

So how can we adapt sustainability to web3 initiatives?

Progressive thinkers can learn from the past by structuring new systems in harmony with Nature rather than resisting them. When we reject innovation, we lose control of its planning and development.

I firmly believe the climate community should embrace the crypto movement.

Further context on the crypto-climate convo

Crypto is an all-encompassing term for a fast-growing trillion-dollar industry. It’s important to contextualize its vastness when analyzing its climate impact.

How can you accurately discern truth in a space with remarkable growth like crypto? There’s going to be some contradictory, complicated information.

With that in mind, I’m here to tell you that crypto projects (in general) are moving in the right direction on climate. There is a clear utility for web3 climate initiatives that extend far beyond vanity, and technology moves faster than government, after all.

Here are 20 crypto projects committed to climate.

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Regen Network

The modern global economy incentivizes land development that can harm the environment. Regen Network disrupts old models, creating incentives for regenerative land practices.

The “Refi” economy brings digital carbon assets to the blockchain under their Registry and Marketplace. CarbonPlus credits remove carbon and restore natural grassland systems.

Interested participants can register their project as a land steward or purchase credits as a buyer.


climate focused crypto project Nori

Nori is a carbon removal marketplace that enables individuals and businesses to offset their blockchain energy consumption. Users purchase NRTs (Nori carbon removal tokens) directly supporting regenerative agriculture.

This is a great tool for NFT projects looking to offset their energy use.

Klima DAO

One Algo-based stablecoin called Klima DAO exposes why carbon offsets don’t work. Their mission is to drive up the cost of voluntary carbon and create so much value that corporations must back their claims.

Click here for an interview with one of the founders. They discuss how crypto can be good for the environment, along with an explanation of Klima.

Klima (and other digital carbon credit coins like UPCO2) want to democratize an asset class otherwise gatekept by governments and corporations. By opening the retail floodgates through defi and blockchains, voluntary carbon offset markets are even more likely to appreciate.

For crypto newbies interested in purchasing carbon credits, I’d recommend starting with Uphold since you can tie it directly to your bank account. Klima is a bit more tech-intensive (albeit more powerful) and requires ETH’s digital wallet.


climate focused crypto project ClimateTrade

Like Nori, ClimateTrade is a carbon removal marketplace that enables companies to offset their energy use through the blockchain.

All of their projects are verified, allowing businesses and individuals to achieve certified emissions reduction. Their service includes an API and widget to integrate carbon offsets directly into any platform.

Earth Fund

Earth Fund is a DAO for carbon removal, green tech, inequality, conservation, and public health. Their 1Earth token directly supports many social causes designed to improve the world.


Rewilder is an NFT project committed to land conservation. They raise funds through NFTs and utilize that money to purchase land for passive rewilding.

Donors can track purchases to monitor their impact.


Regenerative agriculture is trending. Toucan created “programmable carbon” to bridge the voluntary carbon market to the blockchain.

Once on the blockchain, these carbon credits can easily be traded and provide more access and transparency in an otherwise guarded asset class.

UPCO2 by Uphold

UPCO2 is one of the first carbon credit coins available to everyday investors. As part of its mission, UPCO2 tokens link to carbon trading markets, an industry typically dominated by governments and corporations.

The project was launched by Uphold.


Based in Brazil, Moss is a crypto-enabled climate tech organization that simplifies the carbon offset process through digital carbon credit coins.

Individuals or businesses can offset their carbon footprint by purchasing Moss tokens.

Crypto Climate Accord

This organization is on a mission to make crypto green. The Crypto Climate Accord works with blockchains to develop Proof of Green solutions that set new standards for the industry.

The project is inspired by the Paris Climate Agreement, with more than 250 companies and individuals joining the pledge.


Veritree is a platform centered around ecological restoration. Their innovative toolkit enables businesses and planting organizations to manage their data better.

Better data means better reporting, better efficiency, and minimized risk.

Project Ark

climate focused crypto art
Project Ark NFT

Ever wonder if the metaverse is sustainable? Project Ark is a platform with a singular mission to make web3 more sustainable. In partnership with WWF Panda Labs, the ecosystem builds solutions for carbon-neutral NFTs.


CitizenDAO is a community focused on public goods. That includes climate change and sustainability.

By incorporating a “decentralized autonomous organization” model, fancy talk for a co-op, CitizenDAO taps into a global network of superhumans passionate about making the world a better place.

You can pitch ideas, form teams, get funding and build.


What if you could make an impact with your real estate investments? BasinDAO uses land ownership and carbon markets to build climate-resilient, profitable land portfolios.

Their verified, net-positive carbon and eco-credits give investors access to blockchain real asset-backed natural capital.

Climate Impact X

Web3 has your go-to global exchange and marketplace for high-quality carbon credits. Climate Impact X focuses on natural climate solutions (NCS), including land protection and restoration programs in natural ecosystems like forests and mangroves.

Their platform includes a project marketplace, auction, and exchange for users to customize their carbon credits and choose the causes they care about most.


This cryptocurrency has a primary focus on regenerative initiatives. It has no transaction fees, and every purchase/sale contributes to climate causes.

With Seeds, holders have a direct voice in governance and can earn a revenue stream for participating without compromising their climate impact.


climate focused crypto project Patch

Patch is an API tool that enables businesses to remove carbon from their company. With Patch, you can offer carbon-neutral shipping, improve energy efficiency in supply chains, and lower your overall climate impact during travel.

Farm VC

Farm VC is an investment platform that allows a community of funders to help restore sensitive land areas across North America.

Their land investments focus on undervalued land, rewilding, wind & solar generation projects, carbon sequestration, and water.

Sustainable Bitcoin Standard

This Bitcoin-centric Protocol incentives miners to utilize cleaner energy sources and investors to move governance toward better sustainability for Bitcoin.

SBS partnered with the Crypto Climate Accord and supported leading Bitcoin funds.

Open Forest Protocol

We all know sustainability needs more transparency. The Open Forest Protocol used blockchain tech to build a “proof of protected forests” system.

Their platform focuses on forestation initiatives worldwide, and users can easily measure, report, and verify participating projects.

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