In the world of rapid trends and ever-changing wardrobes, fast fashion dominates. But this convenience often comes at an environmental cost. You might not know it, but you could harm the planet even when hunting for the perfect swimsuit.

The good news is change is making waves in the fashion industry. A host of brands are redefining fashion by focusing on sustainability. Dedicated to the Earth, they craft clothing from materials kinder to the environment. Their production methods also aim to reduce ecological footprints.

Berlook is one such brand that has stepped forward to join the eco-friendly fashion movement. Combining style with sustainability, Berlook creates swimwear, activewear, and other clothes that look and do good. This brand shows us that being trendy doesn’t have to come at the expense of our planet’s well-being.

Berlook’s Eco-Look Collection, in particular, is a compelling range that champions environmental consciousness. Each piece in the collection is crafted from ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon fiber derived from various pre- and post-consumer wastes.

Join us as we explore Berlook’s Eco-Look line and discover why it should be your next swimwear of choice. 

Key Takeaways

  • Despite being essential to economies, the fast fashion industry brings a heavy environmental toll, from excessive water consumption to pollution and waste.
  • Supporting fashion brands that prioritize sustainability is one of the most effective ways to minimize the impact of fashion on the planet. 
  • Berlook is a sustainable fashion brand committed to minimizing its environmental footprint and promoting responsible consumer choices.
  • Their Eco-Look Collection represents a significant step towards sustainability in fashion, thanks to the use of ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon fiber. 
  • Berlook’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond materials, encompassing ethical labor practices and eco-conscious manufacturing.
  • Berlook’s ECONYL® collection brings a range of stylish options for beachwear enthusiasts, from sophisticated backless and cutout one-pieces to reversible bottoms and tops. 
  • Each ECONYL® swimwear is smartly designed, ensuring excellent fit, comfort, versatility, durability, and eco-friendliness without sacrificing style. 
  • Berlook’s ECONYL®  swimwear range stands out as a sustainable and environmentally responsible choice compared to non-sustainable brands.
  • There is a tangible buzz around Berlook and its Eco-Look Collection across the digital landscape, reflecting a growing desire among consumers for aesthetically pleasing and durable products that align with sustainability and social responsibility. 

Fast Fashion and Its Toll on the Environment 

Before diving straight into Berlook’s Eco-Look Collection, it is a good idea to pause and consider the impacts of fast fashion. Although the industry is integral to economies, its rapid pace brings a heavy environmental toll. The cost to nature is staggering, from excessive water consumption to pollution and waste.

The UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) reports that the fashion industry accounts for 8-10% of global carbon emissions. That’s more than the total emissions from all international flights and maritime shipping combined.

Furthermore, in a 2019 study, UNEP found that around 60% of materials used in fashion products are plastic-based. Shockingly, less than 1% of those materials are recycled into new clothing, and a considerable chunk of discarded textiles end up in landfills.

As if that is not enough, the fashion industry’s impact on water resources is equally alarming. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the fashion industry uses about 93 billion cubic meters of water annually. That’s enough water to satisfy the needs of five million people. This massive consumption exacerbates water scarcity issues, particularly in vulnerable regions.

These sobering insights into the industry’s use of vital resources and continued environmental degradation underline the importance of supporting fashion brands that prioritize sustainability

As we become more aware of these issues, choosing brands like Berlook and their Eco-Look collection becomes even more compelling. 

Berlook: A Background on the Sustainable Fashion Brand

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new realization of the ecosystem’s fragility and significance inspired the establishment of Berlook. The brand launched with a powerful mission: transforming fashion’s relationship with the environment

This brand isn’t just about style; it’s about substance, too. Using a decade-long experience in the fashion industry and a passion for sustainability, the brand crafts swimwear and other types of clothing that check all the boxes—flattering, comfortable, versatile, and, most importantly, eco-friendly.

Berlook’s core values revolve around reducing its carbon footprint, ensuring fair labor practices, and promoting transparency in its supply chain. It strives to minimize waste and maximize sustainability at every step of its production process.

Today, Berlook continues to inspire shoppers to make mindful choices. Every piece is a statement of responsible consumerism, encouraging everyone to consider the lifecycle of our clothes. 

Berlook Product Range: From Variety and Materials to Sustainable Practices

Product Variety

Berlook’s catalog goes beyond swimwear. The brand offers a variety of clothing options to fit different lifestyles and activities. Whether you’re searching for casual dresses for everyday comfort or activewear for your fitness routine, Berlook has you covered.

Such a diverse product line demonstrates that sustainability doesn’t have to be limited to one type of apparel. Berlook is committed to making eco-conscious fashion accessible across various clothing categories, ensuring that no matter the occasion, customers can make choices that are better for the environment. 


What distinguishes Berlook is its dedication to using sustainable textiles and materials. It prioritizes recycled and recyclable materials in product production, with 80% of its items made from natural fabric. The packaging is also environmentally thoughtful, with every bag designed to be degradable, minimizing waste and reducing the brand’s carbon footprint.

Berlook’s innovation and passion for sustainability extend to repurposing more than 400 thousand discarded plastic bottles, transforming them into fashionable recycled swimwear.

Furthermore, the brand aims to make 100% of its materials sustainable by 2025. 

Sustainable Practices

Berlook’s environmental commitment extends across its entire operation. It’s not just about the materials they choose; it’s also about how their products are made. The brand takes great care in sourcing the finest sustainable materials available to ensure its clothing is produced with minimal harm to the planet.

Partnerships are vital to the brand’s approach. Berlook only partners with certified factories that ensure ethical labor practices and adherence to sustainable manufacturing standards. These rigorous criteria ensure that workers are treated fairly and that every step of the production process aligns with Berlook’s green philosophy.

Berlook x ECONYL®: The Eco-Look Collection

Berlook’s Eco-Look Collection exemplifies the brand’s dedication to eco-friendly fashion. Each swimwear not only exudes style and functionality but also represents a significant stride towards sustainability.

Design and Functionality

Berlook’s Eco-Look Collection showcases swimwear designed to suit various styles and preferences. The pieces blend fashion-forward design with functional appeal. 

The lineup includes backless and cutout one-pieces, perfect for those who prefer a sleek, sophisticated look. 

For those who love to mix and match, the collection offers various styles of bikini tops, including halters, twist fronts, and additional cutout options. These pieces allow personal expression while providing versatile choices for different body types and style preferences.

The inclusion of reversible bikini tops further enhances the versatility within Berlook’s Eco-Look Collection. These smartly designed pieces allow wearers to change their style immediately, offering two looks in one garment and doubling the possibilities.

For those who prioritize comfort without sacrificing style, the collection features an array of bikini bottoms designed to suit different preferences. Options include reversible ties, low waist, mid-rise, and wide waistband styles that cater to various body shapes and comfort levels.

Innovative Sustainability Features

The use of ECONYL® fabric in Berlook’s Eco-Look Collection is a game-changer. ECONYL® is a regenerated nylon introduced by Aquafil, a global leader in producing sustainable textiles. It is crafted from recycled materials, including discarded fishing nets and other nylon waste, making it a sustainable alternative to traditional fabrics. 

Each swimwear in the lineup features a fabric and lining crafted from a blend of 85% ECONYL® regenerated nylon and 15% Elastane. This particular composition ensures that the pieces maintain the highest level of durability, elasticity, softness, and comfort standards while contributing to reducing plastic waste in the oceans.  

Comparison with Non-Sustainable Alternatives

Berlook’s Eco-Look Collection stands toe-to-toe with traditional, non-sustainable options available in the market, excelling in style and functionality and offering a unique environmental advantage. 

By choosing Berlook’s eco-friendly line, consumers don’t have to compromise on fashion or performance. They gain the aesthetic and practical qualities expected from premium swimwear.

What truly sets the collection apart is the value it provides beyond the quality of the garments themselves. Consumers who pick Berlook’s ECONYL® pieces actively participate in a movement for change. They’re selecting swimwear that contributes to a cleaner planet and supports initiatives to reduce ocean waste.

Choosing Berlook’s Eco-Look swimwear goes beyond style, comfort, and environmental responsibility — it also carries a meaningful social impact. Berlook has committed to making a difference in the lives of individuals affected by breast cancer.

The brand has pledged to donate 1% of its sales during the final week of each month’s free-shipping period to the United Breast Cancer Foundation (UBCF). This gesture of support means that every purchase from Berlook contributes to sustainable practices and helps those dealing with breast cancer and survivors.

AspectBerlook’s ECONYL® SwimwearNon-Sustainable Brands
Materials UsedMade from ECONYL® fabric, derived from regenerated nylon waste.Typically use non-recycled materials, contributing to plastic waste.
Environmental ImpactSignificantly reduces plastic waste in oceans and landfills.Contributes to plastic pollution and resource depletion.
Sustainable SourcingEthically sourced materials and promote transparency in the supply chain.May lack transparency and ethical sourcing practices.
Manufacturing ProcessEco-conscious manufacturing with efforts to reduce water and energy consumption.Often involve resource-intensive and environmentally harmful production methods.
Design and StyleOffers a wide range of stylish and functional swimwear designs.Varies in design, but sustainability may be a secondary focus.
DurabilityHigh-quality construction for long-lasting wear.Durability may vary, impacting the lifespan of the swimwear.
Environmental ContributionDirectly contributes to reducing plastic waste in oceans.Lacks a significant positive environmental impact.
Ethical PracticesCommitted to ethical labor practices and fair wages.Ethical practices may not be a priority for non-sustainable brands.
Price RangeCompetitive pricing, considering sustainability and quality.Prices vary but may not reflect the environmental cost of production.

Berlook’s ECONYL® swimwear range stands out as a sustainable and environmentally responsible choice compared to non-sustainable brands. It offers stylish and durable swimwear and contributes positively to reducing plastic waste and promoting ethical practices in the fashion industry.

Testimonials and Reviews

Berlook has made a global impact among customers, frequently offering high praise for the brand. Clients have commended Berlook’s eco-friendly ethos and the superior quality of materials and fit its products boast. Customers often describe the swimwear as flattering, with a softness and comfort that stand out in the market.

This positive reception is more than just anecdotal; it’s been recognized by top media outlets. Cementing its status as a quality and sustainable fashion trailblazer, Berlook was featured on CNN Underscored’s list of 11 recommended sustainable swimwear brands. This inclusion is a significant endorsement of the brand’s dedication to its craft and mission, highlighting its rising popularity among consumers who seek ethical production and impeccable style.

As for its ECONYL® swimwear collection, the brand did not skimp on materials and craftsmanship, making every piece stylish, durable, versatile, comfortable, and eco-friendly.

The enthusiasm for the line can be felt not just in customer testimonials but across the digital landscape. A tangible buzz surrounds it on Berlook’s website and social media channels. Loyal customers and an ever-growing community of followers are vocal with their praises:

This social proof serves as a testament to the brand’s impact. It reflects a growing consumer desire for products that meet aesthetic and quality criteria and align with sustainability and social responsibility values.

SR Team’s Product Review

At Sustainable Review, we’re always looking for brands that prioritize style and sustainability, so we couldn’t resist trying out some of Berlook’s ECONYL® pieces. As advocates for environmentally-conscious fashion, we’re thrilled when brands like Berlook make a concerted effort to produce quality products while minimizing their environmental footprint.

One of our team members slipped into Berlook’s ECONYL® Orange Backless One-Piece Swimsuit and ECONYL® Navy Cut Out Bikini Top, eager to put them to the test. We evaluated these pieces across three key categories: (1) Design and Style, (2) Feel, Fit, and Functionality, and (3) Packaging.

Design and Style

The ECONYL® range has a great selection of styles, ensuring that something suits every taste and body type.

We were particularly impressed by the vibrant color palette, with striking hues like orange and navy blue that evoke the essence of summer. While we appreciate the bold colors, we hope to see more variety in colors and patterns in future collections, catering to a broader range of preferences and styles.

Feel, Fit, and Functionality

Regarding swimwear, comfort and functionality are non-negotiable, and Berlook’s ECONYL® pieces genuinely excel in these aspects. With a petite frame, our team member opted for the XS size for both pieces. Here’s our comprehensive assessment:

  • The top provides a snug and comfortable fit around the chest and shoulders, offering excellent support and a secure feel. The construction ensures that no slipping or readjusting is needed, allowing for worry-free movement, whether lounging poolside or engaging in water activities.
  • The bottoms boast a perfect fit – not too tight or loose, with a pleasantly snug feel around the bottom area. The mid-rise cut adds a touch of timeless elegance, reminiscent of the modest yet stylish swimwear of the 60s era.
  • Both pieces are crafted from high-quality fabrics that feel incredibly soft against the skin. The added stretchability enhances the overall comfort level, accommodating movement without restrictions. Whether diving into the pool or soaking up the sun, these pieces ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.
  • The durability of the regenerated nylon fiber is evident even after washing. The quality dye used in the fabric does not bleed, ensuring that the vibrant colors remain intact and wash after wash. This not only prolongs the lifespan of the swimwear but also reduces the need for frequent replacement, making them a sustainable and long-lasting investment.
  • The quick-drying properties of the fabric mean that there’s no need to rely on a dryer – simply air-drying the pieces after a swim is sufficient. This saves time and energy and minimizes the environmental impact, aligning with our ethos of sustainability and responsible consumption.


We were pleased that Berlook’s packaging reflected their commitment to eco-conscious practices. The products were packed in a minimalist, compostable linen bag–and nothing more. This thoughtful approach protects the product well during transit and minimizes waste, aligning with our sustainability and environmental stewardship values. 

Also, we’ve discovered that each linen bag is made from fabric scraps, giving each piece a distinct character and charm. This ingenious reuse of materials further adds a touch of authenticity and eco-friendliness to the packaging.

Our Verdict

Overall, our experience with Berlook’s ECONYL® swimwear left us impressed and inspired. The choice of fabric, a 100% regenerated nylon fiber, offers a perfect blend of quality, style, and sustainability without compromising comfort or stretch. We were equally impressed by the brand’s thoughtful packaging, which minimizes waste. We look forward to seeing how Berlook continues to innovate and lead the way in sustainable fashion.


The choices we make as consumers have a profound impact on the planet. By opting for sustainably made products like Berlook’s Eco-Look Collection, you can support environmentally conscious brands and contribute to reducing plastic waste and conserving resources.

Embrace sustainable fashion and explore Berlook’s Eco-Look swimwear range. Make an eco-conscious choice that empowers you to look stylish while protecting the planet. Your purchase can be a part of the solution to fashion’s waste problem.

To stay updated on the latest from Berlook, including new releases from the Eco-Look Collection and other sustainable fashion initiatives, you can follow the brand on its social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube

By joining their online community, you’ll be among the first to know about promotions, events, and exclusive content and be part of the sustainable fashion conversation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ECONYL® fabric?

ECONYL® fabric is a sustainable textile made from regenerated nylon waste, such as discarded fishing nets and industrial plastic waste. It is used in Berlook’s swimwear to reduce environmental impact.

How does Berlook promote ethical practices?

Berlook prioritizes ethical labor practices by ensuring fair wages and transparency in its supply chain. They strive to maintain a responsible and respectful approach to their workforce.

Is Berlook’s ECONYL® swimwear more expensive than non-sustainable swimwear brands?

While prices may vary, Berlook offers competitive pricing considering the sustainability and quality of its swimwear, making it an affordable choice for eco-conscious consumers.

Does Berlook offer a variety of swimwear styles in their ECONYL® range?

Yes, Berlook’s ECONYL®l swimwear collection includes a wide range of styles, from classic one-pieces to trendy bikinis, ensuring there’s something for every swimwear preference.

What is the environmental impact of choosing Berlook’s ECONYL® swimwear over non-sustainable options?

By choosing Berlook’s Econyl swimwear, you actively contribute to reducing plastic waste in oceans and landfills, making a positive environmental impact compared to non-sustainable alternatives.

How does the quality of Berlook’s ECONYL® swimwear compare to non-sustainable brands?

Berlook’s ECONYL® swimwear is known for its high-quality construction, ensuring long-lasting wear and durability, which may vary in non-sustainable brands.

Does Berlook offer other sustainable clothing options apart from swimwear?

Yes, Berlook provides various sustainable clothing options, ranging from casual wear to activewear, all designed with an eco-conscious approach.

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