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Decoding Dazey LA: An In-Depth Look at Environmental Practices

When we examine the impact of brands on the environment, our “Planet” rating scrutinizes various sustainability factors within their supply chains. Dazey LA has earned an “It’s a Start” rating in this context. While the brand makes efforts with materials like organic cotton, there’s a lack of evidence for substantial action in reducing hazardous chemicals or water use in its manufacturing.

Key Takeaways

  • Dazey LA rated “It’s a Start” in our “Planet” evaluation, showing initial efforts in sustainability.
  • Positive steps in waste reduction with limited production runs, minimizing environmental impact.
  • Workers’ rights rating “Not Good Enough” due to the absence of a clear Code of Conduct and challenges in defining a living wage.
  • “It’s a Start” rating in the “Animals” evaluation, with limited use of animal-derived materials like leather.
  • The overall rating encourages continuous environmental, labor, and animal welfare improvement.

About Dazey LA

Dani Dazey, the designer behind the art apparel and home goods, aims to infuse more color into the world and inspire people to embrace their boldest selves.

Every print and design featured on the website is the imaginative creation of Dani, Dazey’s owner and designer. As an artist, graphic designer, textile designer, interior designer, and fashion designer, Dani is renowned for her vibrant use of color and art-driven designs. Her goal is to empower individuals to make bold choices, from their wardrobe to everyday life.

The apparel is not only designed by hand but is also handmade to order in LA. Operating in small batches and printing graphics to order, Dazey strives to minimize waste, making a conscious effort to impact the environment positively.

Workers’ Rights and Fair Practices:

At our blog, we prioritize workers’ rights with our “People” rating, focusing on policies related to child labor, living wages, and gender equality. Unfortunately, Dazey LA falls short with a “Not Good Enough” rating. 

The absence of a Code of Conduct complicates assessing the brand’s commitment to fair labor practices. While the supply chain is partly traced, the final production in the USA poses medium-risk concerns for labor abuse.

The brand claims to ensure a living wage without a precise definition, making it challenging to evaluate its commitment to fair practices fully.

Animal Welfare Considerations

In animal welfare, our “Animals” rating explores brand policies and traceability of animal-derived products. Dazey LA earns an “It’s a Start” in this category.

While there’s no evidence of a formal animal welfare policy, the brand’s use of leather is apparent. Notably, Dazey LA avoids other animal-derived materials, showcasing a positive aspect.

Overall Rating

After a thorough review, Dazey LA receives an “It’s a Start” overall rating. Considering environmental policies, workers’ rights, and animal welfare, the brand demonstrates eco-friendly materials and waste reduction efforts. 

However, improvements are needed to reduce hazardous chemicals and water use. The absence of a Code of Conduct and a clear living wage definition impacts workers’ rights. On the bright side, the brand’s limited use of animal-derived materials is commendable.

As a sustainability-focused blog, we urge Dazey LA and other brands to enhance environmental, labor, and animal welfare practices continually. Transparent communication and implementation of robust practices pave the way for higher ratings and a more sustainable future.


Is Dazey LA environmentally conscious?

Dazey LA is rated “It’s a Start” in our environmental evaluation, showcasing initial efforts focusing on waste reduction and some use of lower-impact materials.

How does Dazey LA address hazardous chemicals in production?

Currently, there’s no significant evidence of action. Enhancing efforts to reduce or eliminate hazardous chemical usage is crucial for improved sustainability.

What steps has Dazey LA taken for wastewater management?

Evidence of initiatives needs to be presented. Implementing wastewater management practices is vital for minimizing environmental impact.

How does Dazey LA ensure fair labor practices?

The absence of a Code of Conduct contributes to a “Not Good Enough” rating. While tracing its supply chain is positive, challenges exist in defining and ensuring a living wage.

What is Dazey LA’s stance on animal welfare?

Rated “It’s a Start,” the brand has limited use of animal-derived materials like leather. However, a formal animal welfare policy is not evident.

Why does Dazey LA limit its production runs?

Dazey LA limits production to minimize waste, showcasing a positive step towards sustainable practices.

What contributes to Dazey LA’s lower rating in workers’ rights?

The absence of a Code of Conduct and challenges defining a living wage impact the brand’s rating in workers’ rights practices.

How can Dazey LA improve its overall sustainability rating?

Areas for improvement include reducing hazardous chemical usage, implementing wastewater management, and providing more precise definitions for a living wage.

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