How does water affect your immune system? Since the pandemic in 2020, many people seem to be more mindful of health and wellness, especially regarding the immune system. So we thought it would be beneficial to take a closer look at how

The good news is there are plenty of things people can do to optimize their immune system. Eat healthily, exerce regularly, sleep 7-9 hours, take supplements such as Vitamin C, Zinc, and Vitamin D, and ensure you’re getting plenty of clean drinking water down the hatch daily.

But could your drinking water be sabotaging all of your efforts? 

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There are many contaminants in regular tap water that are harmful to your health, such as chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, and microplastics, to name a few. 

Research shows that more and more microplastics are in our drinking water today than ever before. Microplastics (and our collective attachment to bottled water) create a massive problem for our planet and, unfortunately, exist in a whopping 83% of the world’s tap water.

So what are the most common contaminants in tap water? 


Chlorine disinfects water before consumption in all parts of the world. The substance is standard because it does a great job killing bacteria without bias towards good or bad bacteria.

Since your entire digestive system and many other body parts comprise bacteria, consuming chlorinated water can quickly kill off the crucial bacteria the body needs to thrive. 

This broad approach to water purification can upset the balance of your digestive system and play havoc with the body’s cells, stripping them of energy and leading to unnecessary wear and tear. 

The gut (your digestive system) is the foundation of your body’s immune system. 

In addition to the stress on your immune system, chlorine can dry out your skin and hair and irritate the eyes, nose, and airways.


Aside from most of Europe, many countries add fluoride to drinking water to prevent tooth decay. 

However, current research shows that fluoride interferes with the repair enzymes in our cells used to repair damaged DNA. When our DNA struggles to repair, we experience accelerated aging. Fluoride is also strongly associated with neurological, intestinal, and immune system decline.

Why do labels tell you not to swallow toothpaste? Because it’s possible to overdose on fluoride, and it happens to people all the time. Excess fluoride in the body results in what is commonly known as dental and skeletal fluorosis and is very unfriendly to the thyroid and brain. 

The most effective way to remove fluoride and all other contaminants from your drinking water are to use a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter. This is because fluoride is one of the most difficult contaminants to remove from water. 

What a fantastic way to boost your immune system and improve the taste of your drinking water. 

Bacteria, Parasites, and Heavy Metals

Water has to travel a long distance through many pipes before it comes out of your tap. After it has left the treatment center, water picks up contaminants such as bacteria, parasites, and heavy metals along the way. There could even be a corroded pipe nearby leaching metals into the water. 

Heavy Metals are toxic to the body and often end up in water supplies. Do you remember hearing about the Flint Michigan Water Crisis? Thousands of people exposed themselves to dangerous levels of lead, and they didn’t even know it until people started getting sick.

Lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, and arsenic are among the most common metals in tap water and cause enormous health problems if consumed. These metals can create multiple organ damage, even at low concentrations.

So as you can see, the quality of your water makes a big difference to your health, and if you’re consuming any of the contaminants above, your body has to work harder to detox them. This isn’t sustainable, especially as we get older.

The best solution is to purify your water before drinking or showering. This way, you can be sure the water is nourishing and not harming your body.

Clean Water Supports Your Immune System

When put to the test, studies prove that filtered water has significant health benefits!

Water is the carrier of nutrients and oxygen to all the cells in your body, assisting with the proper functioning of your immune system, nervous system, endocrine system, and all of your other bodily functions. 

Optimal hydration has many long-term health benefits, so the importance of drinking enough clean water every day cannot be overstated. In addition to supporting your immune system, the video below covers ten benefits of proper hydration.

Water also helps your liver and kidneys flush out waste and create lymph fluid which provides water and nutrients to your blood, carries white blood cells to vital places from the thymus, and removes all the toxins from the body via lymph nodes.

These waste fluids, along with carbon dioxide, naturally flow towards your feet with gravity, so we need plenty of water so the lymphatic system can flush all this junk out. 

Lymph fluid kills viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens that threaten your health. If you’re dehydrated, lymph fluid becomes thicker and sluggish, reducing your body’s efficiency in transporting T-cells to potential infections and shuttling them out of your system.

Water is a great friend and ally to your immune system, but not when it’s contaminated. 

It’s certainly worth your time to look into it and consider water purification if your tap water doesn’t meet your standards!

So, what is your tap water like? Does it support the life you want to live?

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