Loop Swim

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Location: China

The Loop Swim brand is evaluated and given a “Great” rating in terms of its environmental policies in the supply chain. Several factors contribute to this rating, including the use of a high proportion of lower-impact materials, such as recycled materials. These materials help to limit the use of chemicals, water, and wastewater in the supply chain. Additionally, Loop Swim takes action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions during the manufacturing process.

Another environmentally friendly practice of Loop Swim is the reuse of cardboard packaging to minimize waste. By implementing these measures, the brand demonstrates its commitment to reducing its impact on the planet.

When it comes to workers’ rights, Loop Swim receives a “Good” rating. The brand’s Code of Conduct covers the ILO Four Fundamental Freedoms principles, indicating its commitment to fair and safe working conditions. Loop Swim also traces most of its supply chain, ensuring transparency and accountability in its production processes.

While Loop Swim ensures that workers in the final production stage are paid a living wage, it acknowledges that this may not be the case throughout its entire supply chain. Nevertheless, the brand takes regular visits to its suppliers, indicating its dedication to monitoring and improving labor conditions.

In terms of animal welfare, Loop Swim receives no rating as its products are generally free of animal-derived materials. Therefore, its impact on animals is not assessed in this context.

The overall rating of Loop Swim is a combination of its environmental and labor scores. Based on all publicly available information reviewed, the brand receives a “Good” rating overall. This rating serves as an acknowledgment of Loop Swim’s efforts in prioritizing sustainability and social responsibility in its operations.

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