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Mata Traders is a brand that is committed to sustainability and social responsibility. With a mission to improve working conditions for workers in India and Nepal, Mata Traders is dedicated to making a positive impact in the fashion industry.

Environmental Rating

While Mata Traders does not have a perfect environmental rating, it is still working towards minimizing its impact on the planet. Currently, its environment rating is ‘not good enough’, but the brand is actively taking steps to improve. One area where it shines is in reducing its climate impact. By producing its products by hand, Mata Traders reduces the carbon emissions associated with mass production.

In addition, the brand uses low impact dyes in some of its products. These dyes are less harmful to the environment and help to minimize the pollution caused by textile production. However, there is no evidence that Mata Traders implements water reduction initiatives, which could be an area for improvement in the future.

Labour Rating

Mata Traders excels in its labour practices. It has a ‘great’ labour rating and is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) Guarantee System. This means that the brand is committed to fair trade and ensuring that workers are treated ethically and paid a living wage.

One of the key aspects of Mata Traders’ labour practices is that it ensures payment of a living wage to all of its workers in the final stage of production. This is crucial in supporting the livelihoods of workers in India and Nepal, where the brand operates. Additionally, Mata Traders traces most of its supply chain, which is a testament to its commitment to transparency and accountability.

Animal Rating

Mata Traders has a ‘good’ animal rating. While there is no evidence that the brand uses animal products, it does not explicitly mention being vegan. This means that while Mata Traders is conscious of animal welfare, it may still use materials that are derived from animals in some of its products.

Overall Rating

In conclusion, Mata Traders is rated ‘Good’ overall. While its environmental rating may not be perfect, the brand is taking steps to minimize its impact on the planet. Its labour rating is exceptional, with a commitment to fair trade and improving working conditions. The animal rating is also commendable, although there is a lack of clarity on whether the brand is completely vegan.

Mata Traders is a brand that consumers can trust to prioritize sustainability and social responsibility. By choosing Mata Traders, individuals can make a positive impact and support a brand that is working towards a more ethical and sustainable fashion industry.

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