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mmb by hand is a brand that takes sustainability seriously. With an environment rating of ‘it’s a start’, the brand is making efforts to incorporate eco-friendly materials into its products. One of the materials it uses is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) cotton, which is a positive step towards reducing the environmental impact of textile production.

While mmb by hand does use some eco-friendly materials, there is no evidence that it minimizes packaging. Packaging waste is a significant issue in the fashion industry, and brands that prioritize sustainability often find ways to reduce packaging or use more sustainable alternatives.

Another commendable practice of mmb by hand is its effort to minimize textile waste. The brand reuses some of its offcuts, which not only reduces waste but also demonstrates a commitment to resourcefulness and sustainability. Textile waste is a major environmental concern, and finding ways to minimize it is crucial for a brand’s sustainability efforts.

The use of eco-friendly materials by mmb by hand also has additional benefits. By incorporating these materials into their products, the brand limits the amount of chemicals, water, and wastewater used in production. Traditional textile production processes often involve the use of hazardous chemicals and require significant amounts of water and energy. By using eco-friendly materials, mmb by hand demonstrates its commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

When it comes to its labor practices, mmb by hand has room for improvement. Its labor rating is ‘it’s a start’, indicating that there are steps the brand can take to ensure fair labor practices throughout its supply chain. While the final stage of production is undertaken in the USA, which is considered a medium-risk country for labor abuse, there is no evidence that mmb by hand has a Code of Conduct in place.

A Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines that establishes the ethical and fair treatment of workers. Brands that have a Code of Conduct in place ensure that their workers are not subjected to exploitation or unsafe working conditions. It is essential for mmb by hand to develop and implement a Code of Conduct to protect and uphold the rights of its workers.

Furthermore, there is no evidence that mmb by hand ensures the payment of a living wage throughout its supply chain. A living wage is the minimum income required for a worker to cover their basic needs like food, housing, and healthcare. Brands that prioritize fair labor practices ensure that their workers earn a living wage. It is crucial for mmb by hand to take steps to ensure that all workers involved in its supply chain are paid a fair and livable wage.

On the positive side, mmb by hand traces most of its supply chain. Supply chain transparency is an essential aspect of sustainability. By tracing its supply chain, mmb by hand can identify any potential social or environmental risks and take appropriate actions to address them. Transparency also allows consumers to make informed choices and support brands that prioritize sustainability.

When it comes to animal welfare, mmb by hand has a ‘good’ rating. The brand does not use any animal products in its production process. However, it is important to note that mmb by hand does not specifically state that it is vegan. While it is commendable that the brand avoids animal products, it should clarify whether its products are suitable for vegans to provide clarity to its customers.

In conclusion, mmb by hand is a brand that is making efforts towards sustainability. With its use of eco-friendly materials and efforts to minimize textile waste, the brand takes steps to reduce its environmental impact. However, there are areas where mmb by hand can improve, such as minimizing packaging, ensuring fair labor practices, and clarifying its vegan status. By addressing these areas, mmb by hand can further enhance its sustainability practices and become a leader in the industry.

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